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Reviewed by aisha_aqeel 10

We Arabs are the masters of shaming ourselves! It's deep in our roots, I watched the film and it's not anything less than amazing! I have never watched an Arabic (Egyptian) film as powerful as this one!We are costumed to certain kinds of Arabic movies and except all the movies to be the same! We keep saying that we want to see new ideas but when they come we just go begging to get the same old same!The movie is wonderful I loved it and I recommend it to everybody, but you need to keep an open mind to the new type of story this movie is tackling.

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Reviewed by Ni3012 6

No doubt it's a good movie to watch for time pass. It seemed a low budget South Indian movie. The antagonist character (doctor) was superb. The lead female character was also amazing. However the lead male character was some time awesome but some time not impressive. Script could be better. Direction and editing needed improvements.Overall a good to go. You can't expect much from country like Egypt, where Cinema industry is not very developed. Hope they will do something great in future.

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Reviewed by smhmfew 8

This film for me has all the elements of a good horror movie (I screamed 3 times) with an interlacing of Egyptian romance and action - wow wow wow. Really I was glued to screen for the full 90minutes.The main actress (Amina Khalil) played the role of a deaf woman excellently - she has the right tonation and body language - you would believe that she was hard of hearing in real life!The sinister roles (Tarik Lotfi, Mohamed mamdoh, etc) were all acted perfectly - both very seasoned actors in the baddy role.The music and camera angels were appropriate for the genre and intensified the horror element of the movie.Of course a lot of the recovery from the violence is very unrealistic especially when the viewer has any knowledge of anatomy (Tarik Lutfi Gets a nail hammered in his neck and recovers fully! And the hero Ahmed Dawood seemed to have 9 lives ) BUT it's a movie - we want unrealistic entertainment!Good work Egyptian cinema - really making us proud with this piece!

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