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Reviewed by masakawai 10

The film is So good, Barun acting is great: his charming is still there .. The chemistry between him and the heroine is good, the story looks good but there are some negativesSuch as: - The story of Ron began after 40 minutes of the film and also there are not many cricket matches, although the film about cricket nonetheless but I liked the film

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Reviewed by sell-84706 10

I saw the movie 22 yards, remarkable, I loved it! Barun Sobti is my favourite actor, it's so nice to see him on the big screen. All the other actors also showed excellent acting.

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Reviewed by dhevil 6

A fine direction can been seen through out the movie.The movie was almost real good up until the cricket match, which ruined the entire movie's feel, and made me think maybe with a better budget that scene would have been properly shot.

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