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Reviewed by ernie bob 10/10

Perfect, it's cartoon. The music is awesome. It's perfect, funny, andclever. A must see even though your not a fan of Disney or cartoonsthis one just pulls you right in. Max is such a cool kids. It gives agood message. It tells you how some people act. How lying is bad. Howthere are consequence's for your action. You have to watch this movieeven though your not a Disney fan or you are just not into cartoons. Isgood for both teens and children of any age. Adults will find itsuitable. Just please go out and rent this movie. Its So Funny. I gavethis movie a 10 out of 10 stars. I will never ever let so one borrow myVHS because a movie this good must be valuable one day.

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Reviewed by SephsClone 9/10

I remember the old Goof Troop show when I was a kid. It was fun butperhaps a too well &quot; Goofy&quot; for me now. It was a cartoon after all, andwhen I heard about this movie I thought this would be the same. Boy wasI wrong.<br><br>This movie truly reaches out for kids, teens, and adults. The wholeplot revolves around Max trying to get the girl, making a name forhimself, and well not trying to be a complete Goof. So he does what allkids in real life do, well more or less. Basicaly he holds a littlesurprise concert in the middle of an assembly, with him starring as theschools favorite singer Powerline. Well he gets Roxanne's attention,but also that of his father who thinks maybe he should spend a littlemore time with his son, making sure Max will turn out to be a good kid.<br><br>(The characters)<br><br>Goofy Its good seeing Goofy trying to be a real parent. To me in Gooftroop he was more like Max's older friend. Though Goofy doesn't seem tobe as goofy as he was on the old cartoons, this shows something of abetter side him. Trying to be a good father, who just wants to be partof his son's life.<br><br>Max Well he's a teen now, and he certainly shows it. Really all hewants is an easier life. Plus to get the attention and heart of thatone girl. I think he truly has the most character development of theentire cast. Making things right in the end with his dad and Roxanne.<br><br>Pete/PJ Nice cameo characters, its also nice to see Pete and Goofyacting as better friends. PJ really hasn't changed much but these twotruly have some of the best lines in the movie. One thing is I don'tget why everyone's all confused on Pete's wife and daughter. He said inthe store that he's taking PJ camping to strengthen the father/sonbond. So its obvious that Peg and the girl are still at home doingtheir own thing.<br><br>Roxanne Ahh that popular girl that steals the heart of Max. She seemslike an interesting girl however she gets really little screen time,well not counting the visions Max keeps getting of her. I kinda wishshe was in it more, so we could learn a bit more of her character. Wellmaybe if they do A Goofy Movie 3. Big Foot 3 words Funniest CharacterEver!<br><br>Music The Powerline songs really have to be my favorite. You don't hearR&amp;B like this anymore. Of course I also like some of the instrumentalpieces as well. Not to mention the &quot;After Today&quot; these songs reallywanna make you dance more then just sing. I'm even thinking aboutgetting the soundtrack.<br><br>This movie really needs to be seen to get its true impact. Doesn'tmatter how old you are, hey I'm 17 and I think its great. So if yourinterested in a good family movie, or just want some humor and a goodstory, then this is the Disney movie for you.

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Reviewed by micC ([email protected]) 10/10

This is a great, criminally underrated movie; that provides in equaldoses, laughs, toe tappingly catchy songs and genuinely heartwarmingmoments as Goofy hits the road with son Max, for the summer vacationfun.<br><br>In this movie, Goofy has more depth than one would probably expect fromhim, and his character is much better defined and explored than theGoofy that we see in &quot;Goof Troop&quot;. There is plenty of good slapstickhumour, in the great traditions of Goofy cartoons, but there is also agenuinely heartfelt and touching undercurrent, that underpins thetumultuous, but always loving relationship between father and son.Mixed with some terrific music, this is a truly memorable movie thatlovers of Disney and Family movies will want to watch again and again.<br><br>Highly recommended. 10/10

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