A Hidden Life


Biography / Drama

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Reviewed by hossammouse 8

Another Terrance Malick film but - thank God - it's not like his last ones. He is back.I was bored of the idea of another Anti-Nazi film but I'm telling you it's not. This is a film about pride, bravery, principles, choice, humanity.As usual from Malick: great shots and cinematography, great monologues, such an incredible soundtrack that deserved an Oscar nomination (also the cinematography). But still the editing got me confused at some scenes, it was a weakness point. The cast are all good especially August Diehl & Valerie Pachner.No cliches, no heroes, just a simple man whose opinion won't affect the war and no one would listen to it, but he is still standing for his principles to make himself and his family proud of himself as a human. A Hidden Life of a hidden family.Some people could get bored quickly so it's simply not for them. They have a lot of films for their taste. It's ok everyone has a taste. Just enjoy and let people enjoy.

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Reviewed by PanosKou 7

Too long, with religious stuff that doesn&#39;t make sense and nothing to keep you away from boredom.<br/><br/>I only enjoyed the scenery of the Austrian Alps, but this is not enough.

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Reviewed by bartdereu 3

I started to watch it with high expectations, but it turned out to be a very long 3 hour painfull movie. The way its filmed and the voices are very irritating. Don&#39;t bother seeing it.

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