A Nice Girl Like You


Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by sxcfto 4

This had the potential to be a good comedy ... but there a so many things that just fell short ..., but another reason I wasn't really into this film the constant violin playing drove me mad .... had to watch the whole movie with the remote in my hand to keep turning the volume down during the violin playing it seems like it was blasted right through the movie. Also no idea why this was rated R it's amazing what they think an R rating should be ??

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Reviewed by rahamimfouma 10

I have no words to say how much I love this movie...it's amazing ..totally a mood changer...the actors did a wonderful job ...please watch it...

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Reviewed by afterdarkpak 6

Lucy hale is soo pretty and she has ugly bf in this ? and he dump her ?.. that really stupid thing here. some werid acting but its exciting .<br/><br/>this movie could be good if the plot goes smoothly but it really got off from the beginning till the end.<br/><br/>its not even a sex comedy. if this movie release in early 2000 , then maybe yeh its good, but not in 2020.

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