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Reviewed by ks-60500 6

The story message is quite clear. Friends is so important. A girl miserable life is only a physical factor but she's mentally rich and one of the luckiest. It's a drama I know but what the message is good person will be good luck. That's not what I agree though but it's what movie try to persuade us. Except for the unrealistic truth, this movie is good indeed.

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Reviewed by x-94463 6

I would say that this is a fantastic movie for preteens or teenagers or adults if you wanna feel like a kid again. Very heartfelt and teaches the good things about life it also teaches that you should be grateful for the things you have

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Reviewed by jseynopsis 10

I love this movie, it&#39;s beautiful and meaningful. I like to believe that this movie is not merely to entertain but also to touch the hearts of people, to tell the world that there&#39;s always hope regardless how bad the situation is.<br/><br/>This movie also proves that a good movie doesn&#39;t necessarily need A-list actors/actresses nor handsome/pretty faces. All they need is a good story, good music, with brilliant acting. Kudos to Auli&#39;i Cravalho &amp; Rhenzy Feliz. Brilliant acting there! :)

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