Ankur Arora Murder Case


Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.5


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Reviewed by punni71 10

Not every movie is supposed to be super super brilliant,,,, some movies teach you , this is that movie ,,,where you learn ,,,, overall its excellent , its sad about doctor,,,, but its reality we should be aware of ,, people saying bad story,, please ignore them n judge it for yourself ,,,???? its a good one !

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Reviewed by raahul16 4

Vikram Bhatt is very well recognised director for making bad movies with bad stories & scripts. Here he stumbles upon a good plot point and then kills it anyways. As if they never had a story, just a plot. It's a real lazy ass film. Kay Kay Menon plays a doctor. His name is Dr. Asthana. Ok..i guess i might have heard it somewhere. Tisca Chopra is superbly wasted. Songs are unnecessary and equally bad. It's a boring film with no real substance and a hollwood copy..Do not waste your time.

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Reviewed by sunildaswaney-63642 8

This was a very good and sensible movie with a brilliant acting performance from Kay Kay Menon who in my opinion is one of the best actors in the Hindi film industry,but for some strange reason has not received the due recognition he so richly deserves.The supporting cast were all competent.Everything else about the movie was very good.

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