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Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 9/10

This was a very well-done true story of a space mission that cameextremely close to being a disaster, but the astronauts miraculouslymade it home safely. Except for some language problems, it&#39;s goodstorytelling and so interesting that it made me want to study the realApollo 13 astronauts.<br><br>The movie is fairly long at 140 minutes and there is not much &quot;action&quot;but there is a lot of suspense and first-rating acting, both of whichshould keep anyone&#39;s interest. Knowing this was a true story makes oneall the more involved with it. You can usually count of Director RonHoward putting out an interesting and well-photographed film.<br><br>What also was interesting to me, too, was to see these actors, most ofwhom usually play volatile characters- or did prior to this film - actin such low-key roles. I refer to Ed Harris, Gary Sinise, Bill Paxtonand Kevin Bacon. <br><br>By the way, one of the young Lovell children was played by Miko Hughes,who became a co- star in a film - &quot;Mercury Rising&quot; - several yearslater.<br><br>For such a tense story, with these astronauts lives on the line, noneof the astronauts or people at NASA or anyone&#39;s family members are everseeing praying throughout this ordeal! You can bet, in real life, a lotof prayers were answered on this mission. <br><br>Overall, this is good movie-making and recommended.

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Reviewed by moviewizguy 8/10

Astronauts Lovell, Haise and Swigert are on Apollo 13. People aren&#39;tworried about this expedition because the people already made it to themoon safely and had came back alive. That&#39;s not the point when thingsgo very wrong and the hopes of coming back alive starts to fade.<br><br>This is a very good film. It shows human dedication and perseverancethat they won&#39;t give up, even though hopes from other people seems toincrease.<br><br>The acting by Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, and Kathleen Quinlanare all great. This film also delivers some of the best lines in moviehistory.<br><br>This is a true story and has turned into a great movie and has greatacting. Although I wouldn&#39;t say it&#39;s the best film, it&#39;s still one ofthe best films.

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Reviewed by mjw2305 9/10

I couldn&#39;t take my eyes off the screen, i was simply compelled to watchit until the end. I already knew how it ended so i was surprised itcommanded my attention so intensely.<br><br>The fact is the characters were all so realistically portrayed and thefilm was so expertly directed that it was almost as if the Apollo 13disaster was filmed and that is what i was watching.<br><br>Now this film is certainly not to everyone&#39;s taste, it is quite slow inthe build up and the film relies almost entirely on the script andability of the cast.<br><br>If you like your disaster films loud and in your face then this isprobably not for you, but if you like them realistic (slightlydramatised) then watch it and be astounded.<br><br>9/10

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