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Reviewed by ridi-arahan 8

What worked:<ul><li>the story overall is strong and appealing and would have been a great movie if it had worked on some flaws</li></ul><br/><br/>What did not work:<ul><li>the last half or quarter of the movie isn&#39;t promising as the first half</li><li>the elaborate and glorifying aspect regarding her health situation</li><li>the screenplay doesn&#39;t add up as a whole</li><li>the runtime could have been cut down</li></ul>Final verdict:Recommended but it definitely could be better.

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Reviewed by goinkran 9

&#39;Never send a girl out of home without trusting her reasons&#39; is the message that comes out loud and clear. The society is known to prey upon the helpless.<br/><br/>Aditi Balan has brought out the life of Aruvi very well and I am awaiting the release of her next movie Padavetta in Malayalam.<br/><br/>There are a few holes in the hostage drama which can be ignored as the Director has done a wonderful job of keeping the viewer interested!

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Reviewed by salvin-71237 10

I watched the movie yesterday and while watching I feel like joker movie has the same plot... But this movie is far beeter than joker. This is a cult classic movie. A must watch.

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