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Reviewed by stadalninkas 1

Sorry about 1*. Actors work worth 5-6*. What killed all the movie is pine trees battle scene in Vietnam??.OK, low budget, but it's no excuse to film it on your backyard. Dronw flying over pine tree forest in Vietnam? Really?

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Reviewed by kfh-13616 1

The script is the laziest story-writing i&#39;ve ever come across...<br/><br/>The director makes zero effort to visually tell a you story.. so you spend almost 80% time listening to the main character (mikey) tell you what is happening in his life and why... vs actually seeing a story.. Mikey just goes on and on pretentiously deeply about his trauma war, darkness, horror etc etc utterly unconvincing... but there is no story just a bunch of background, scenes and flashbacks and overused cliches.. You may as well buy a really bad unoriginal audiobook. There doesn&#39;t seem be any supporting characters, they just appear and pretty much disappear with no development.<br/><br/>There were lots of attempts at intense, dark visuals, imagery and could see what the director was trying to do but its so overused its just annoying.. i watched it to the end just to see if it was the bad all the way through... and yes.. it was..<br/><br/>Lastly, it then dedicates itself meaningfully to brave vietnam war veterans and their conditions and ongoing suffering (this is the only decent part of the film) as if it legitimises this awful piece of film - but it doesn&#39;t. Its bad.

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Reviewed by rd-60632 9

I don&#39;t normally write reviews or rate films. I&#39;m not even sure if this is more of a comment than a review? But there was just something about this movie that compelled me to say this.<br/><br/>I didnt know what to expect when watching this film. To be frank, the trailer didn&#39;t really grab me in particular. But there was something about it and I gave it a shot.<br/><br/>Well, I&#39;ll tell you this. That was NOT the movie I thought I was renting, NOT what I was expecting and I can understand why maybe some people are disappointed in that. This tells a story much, much deeper than the poster or trailer would have you believe. And believe you me am I glad I took the gamble on watching this film.<br/><br/>Maybe because this director is also a Vet that this movie really spoke to me. But I must say that, this film like not many others tells our story with honor and grace.<br/><br/>No it&#39;s not a perfect movie. But it is an important one. And I will be sharing this with my family and my friends. I hope you do as well.<br/><br/>Best,<br/><br/>Rich

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