Beast No More


Horror / Thriller

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Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 4

Now, I was lured in by the movie&#39;s cover/poster, because it definitely looked interesting, and I must also admit that the title &quot;Beast No More&quot; sounded mighty interesting as well.<br/><br/>So I sat down to watch this 2019 Australian horror movie, without having heard of it prior to getting to watch it. So I had no expectations for the movie, and I didn&#39;t know what I was getting myself into.<br/><br/>I will say that the acting in the movie was adequate, although the storyline was rather weak. And director Aaron Warwick&#39;s abrupt ending of the movie was just baffling. The movie ended so abruptly that I went &quot;was that really it?&quot;, especially since the movie was just starting to get interesting there towards the end.<br/><br/>Entertainment-wise then &quot;Beast No More&quot; wasn&#39;t particularly interesting or outstanding. The storyline was just simply too weak, and there wasn&#39;t enough of anything worthwhile or overly interesting happening throughout the course of the entire movie. And for a horror movie, then &quot;Beast No More&quot; was frightfully devoid of anything overly scary or even remotely horroresque.<br/><br/>I wasn&#39;t particularly impressed with the outcome of &quot;Beast No More&quot;, and it just goes to prove that you can&#39;t judge a book by its cover - or in this case, a movie by its cover.<br/><br/>My rating for &quot;Beast No More&quot; lands on a less than mediocre four out of ten stars. Sure, if you have nothing better to watch for a horror movie, then I suppose &quot;Beast No More&quot; could suffice. Just don&#39;t get your expectations up too high.

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Reviewed by neuroticpeacecorpse 2

If you&#39;re not forced to watch this then skip. Watch TCM the 20th time, play Angry birds or try counting how often your cat blinks its eyes but skip this.

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Reviewed by JaynGold 1

I don&#39;t know whats worse, the acting, the budget, the story or the arrogant feminist undertones. Furthermore, who goes on an expedition into isolated wilderness and forgos bringing a firearm with them opting instead for, literally, a gig stick. Just bad.

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