Beauty and the Beast


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Reviewed by jmariani-69084 5

This is a visually beautiful film that is well acted, but the script and editing is horrible. The flow is constantly being disrupted with scene turns that make no sense, there is little to no chemistry between Belle and the Beast, and the imagination is not carried away because key scenes are too abruptly ended or interrupted. Really a shame but there it is.

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Reviewed by paul-228-385333 10

Not going to write a long winded review. My wife and I had a look at the "2017 Disney Emma Watson" musical released recently, and it was rather terrible. I am not personally into broad way musical kind of stuff, and I could not stand it. This 2014 version the French made just jells a lot better for me. I can't speak more than 5 words French, but I loved this version of the story and how it unfolds. The graphics and cinematography was also excellent. Visually very stimulating. Well worth your time.

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Reviewed by Skeauxsha 10

When looking at movies I happened upon this one out of curiosity, and I am all the better for it. First, clear your mind of the Disney releases and story lines behind them. On many layers this masterful work will enchant you, from beginning to end. Disney should be put on notice, because the makers of this film made Disney look like amateurs. The sets, and costuming epitomize the true essence of what movie magic is all about, and will not disappoint you. Even the ending was wonderfully magical. The film score is awesome. Vincent Cassel, Léa Seydoux, André Dussollier all should be recognized for their fantastic talents. The makers of this film have something to be truly proud of. This is a lavishly and visually stunning film, completely delightful, and worth watching a few more times to see what you may miss. The details are exquisite to behold. I can with certainty recommend this film to anyone, knowing they will agree.

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