Bheja Fry 2


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by nairtejas 6

I am disappointed with the sequel, much like I am with other sequels of terrific movies. This is a film which is nowhere near its prequel but is a decent comedy on its own.<br/><br/>Vinay Phatak slightly overacts out of his witty, jovial character. Shekhar Menon as his IT officer friend is good, just like Ranvir Shorey in the prequel. But the latter excels. Kay Kay Menon is fantastic as always, but the plot is cringe-worthy and it destroys all their performances. First half is bearable, but second half when is just an example of poor writing &amp; screenplay.<br/><br/>Not much to talk about the film factors, Bheja Fry 2 is a one-time watch, if at all you should give it a chance. 5.6 out of 10. A failed sequel.<br/><br/>BOTTOM LINE: Bheja Fry was not original but is a classic. Bheja Fry 2 is suicide. Bheja Fry 3 may be better.<br/><br/>Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES<br/><br/>Profanity/Sex/Foreplay: No | Nudity/Vulgarity: Very Mild | Violence: Mild | Gore: No | Smoking/Drugs: No | Alcohol: Strong

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Reviewed by varghesejunior 4

This film is not even half as good as its prequel.That was very simple with a few actors only, but was really well made and hilarious. This one is just an embarrassing sequel with silly comedy most of the time and unwanted women.<br/><br/>The story is about the protagonist Bhushan who is a tax officer and this time gets stranded on a remote island with a business tycoon who thinks the tax department is after him, while both are on a cruise.<br/><br/>The only good thing are some comedy scenes involving Vinay Pathak.<br/><br/>Everything else is bogus and cheap...poor comedy, overacting, and even a weak storyline.<br/><br/>You can miss this big deal!

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Reviewed by namashi_1 6

&#39;Bheja Fry 2&#39; is A Fair Entertainer, that works in bits and offers sincere performances from it&#39;s cast. However, it is not as good as it&#39;s predecessor. <br/><br/>&#39;Bheja Fry 2&#39; Synopsis: A tax-evading businessman and an income-tax officer get stranded on an isolated island.<br/><br/>The film begins decently, dips quite a bit in the middle, but has a fair climax. Screenplay by Sharad Katari &amp; Sagar Ballary, appeals in bits. The first-hour is decent, while the second-hour loses pace, but the climax, though not hilarious, is fairly engaging. In comparison to it&#39;s prequel, which is regarded as a cult-classic, the sequel falters. Sagar Ballary&#39;s Direction, is fair. Cinematography, Editing &amp; Art Design, are perfect. <br/><br/>Performance-Wise: Vinay Pathak returns as the kind yet annoying Bharat Bhushan, and he does well. Kay Kay Menon is superb, as always. Minissha Lamba is passable. Suresh Menon is genuinely funny. In fact, the Scenes between Vinay-Suresh, are quite funny &amp; stand out. Aditi Govitrikar gets limited scope. Virendra Saxena is as usual. Amole Gupte appears in a half-baked role. <br/><br/>On the whole, &#39;Bheja Fry 2&#39; is no Masterpiece, but a fair entertainer nonetheless.

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