Bhoot: Part One - The Haunted Ship


Horror / Mystery

IMDb Rating 5.6


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Reviewed by manjunath-62697 3

I had too much expectations after seeing trailer,However while watching movie you dont get scared also no proper background music for a horror movie,theres no proper story it would've been filmed better ,vicky kaushal acting is good

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Reviewed by ke_neth1981 2

I dont understand why bollywood makes films on anything at all without proper dedicated research(pre-production) and committed post-production. Its probably because it knows its going to cater to an audience which will readily gobble it up asking no questions. Probably same reason its hardly ever, if at all, pre-released a film with a test audience. This film is no exception. It has glaring plotholes and continuity errors that are hard to miss. The story initially begins with the audience captivated, but loses its trail mid-way into the film.Its probably better off dishing out no sense melodramas for its"lungi" public that appreciate it. Bollywood(barring less than handful of films) is no place for connoisseurs of variety.

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Reviewed by kuljotsingh-78199 1

Since the trailer seemed to be good , but the movie , nahh, not worth watching...

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