Charlie's Angels


Action / Adventure

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ntlufms 2

Why would I watch this if there are prettier girls at my work, on my street and in any café??<br/><br/>Why do you think I go to movies if not be entertained by pretty, long-haired, feminine actresses???<br/><br/>I suggest people watch D.E.B.S., Atomic Blonde, Red Sparrow or even Road House instead of this useless reboot attempt.<br/><br/>PS: Patrick Stewart, what is wrong with you?

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Reviewed by azcftg 2

I cannot believe I wasted 3 hours with my girlfriend on this.What has happened to hollywood? Really what has happened? Are there no more pretty women left in the world? Does the casting manager even know how Charlie&#39;s Angels should go?? I was more into Charlie!! Finally, what is with the gender switch?<br/><br/>Ah, whatever I don&#39;t care anymore.

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Reviewed by mrbxg 2

Hollywood just does not want to learn.Ghostbusters was not enough. They just are junkies addicted to remaking and rebooting. Hey Hollywood, no new ideas = no new money from me.I have learnt my lesson now.<br/><br/>This was the most boring film since Blade Runner 2049. I am done with remakes and reboots and sequels and prequels and universes and zzzzzzz

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