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Reviewed by dcsuman 2

If anybody think chapak collection is low only due to Deepika's JNU visit. Then, they are wrong It's really boring movie (85%). You can't get huge audience in the name of emotions....

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Reviewed by adityanarayan-77717 1

Seriously this movie is a let down. This is an honest review from someone who recently watched the movie.Believe me this was the first movie of my life in which I slept.

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Reviewed by myidss 1

Deepika Padukone lost all the respect with taking this story to gutter. She is worst choice for this role. She is only show pot. The role dosent suit her in the first place. Story never catches you, She should stick to playing glamorous roles where she can keep her acting to just showing herself anywaysOverall lost movie with money and time wastage.

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