Decoys 2: Alien Seduction


Horror / Sci-Fi

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Reviewed by kai ringler 7/10

i have to admit i watched this just for the hott chicks and boy was inot disappointed, seemed like every guys fantasy chick including minewas in this movie. not having seen the original i didn't know what toexpect except for the hot chicks,, i was surprised to see Tobin Bell,,Jigsaw from Saw in this,, he was a college professor in this..apparently the alien chicks are defly afraid of heat,, they like thecold, so they wanna get the guys out in the cold weather to do it,, oneguy is cold so he turns on a heater and the girl gets a bad burn fromit,,apparently the only way you can tell if the girl is an alien is thefact that they have no belly button,, the guys at the college are in arace to see how many alien chicks they can score.. not a bad movie,,there is actually a plot in there if you look hard enough.

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Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7/10

In the cold winter in the Strathorn University, a group of collegestudents dispute a competition to see who can score more girls alongthe period. The Decoys change their strategy, seducing the teenagersbut forcing them to extend the fore-plays for a longer time to survivetheir lower temperature and support their eggs, and hiding the bodiesof their occasional victims. Meanwhile, Luke Callahan (Corey Sevier),who survived to Constance Snowden (Kim Poirier) in St. John College, ishaving psychiatric assistance of Dr. Alana Geisner (Dina Meyer), andresearches the women with many tentacles on her breast but is not ableto convince Dr. Geisner that the girls are aliens trying to breed. Whenmany students are missing in the campus, Luke believes that the Decoysare back, and finds that the student Sam Compton (Tyler Johnston) isthe only person that believes on his words.<br><br>&quot;Decoys 2: Alien Seduction&quot; is a good sequel of &quot;Decoys&quot;, with a kindof teen-version of &quot;Species&quot;. The story has flaws, but I like B-moviesand &quot;Decoys 2&quot; has never disappointed me. On the contrary, thispleasant and entertaining film is underrated in IMDb. There arebeautiful and sexy actresses, funny moments and good special effects,and I recommend this movie for fans of the genre, but I suggest theviewer to see first &quot;Decoys&quot; to understand this good sequel. My vote isseven.<br><br>Title (Brazil): &quot;Decoys 2: Sedu&ccedil;&atilde;o Alien&iacute;gena&quot; (&quot;Decoys 2: AlienSeduction&quot;)

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Reviewed by Brian T. Whitlock (GOWBTW) 8/10

Since the first &quot;Decoys&quot; movie was a total letdown, this sequel was abig improvement. Still sexy though, or it would be a biggerdisappointment! Here you have a man named Sam(Tyler Johnston) who heand his buddies are in college, and they meet some beautiful blondes.Each one wants to score. Of course they were going to lose more thanjust their virginity, they are going to lose each friend to theselethal ladies. The last survivor of the decoy attack Luke(Corey Seiver)happens to be around, meets with the guys and Stephanie(Kailin See) tohelp stop these seductive sirens. Since the &quot;decoys&quot; don&#39;t have navels,that makes them easy to spot. One of the friends was left paranoidafter his first encounter. Sam had to double check on Stephanie whenshe later flashed him. At least more came up to fight. Only one was alittle off his kilter after he nearly got killed by them. These ladiesneeded to learn to be more careful in their plan, it seems they havebeen very sloppy. This movie was a little more comical than the first,much more horror, and more entertaining than the first one. &quot;Decoys 2&quot;is like &quot;Species&quot;, only colder! 3 out of 5 stars!

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