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Reviewed by bobbysing 3

In the present prevailing system of the industry, its really worth applauding that despite having his own limitations of execution, director Anand Kumar once again selects a decent plot, manages to rope in some known names, quickly completes a movie and then successfully releases it too finding a safe Friday post his forgettable ZILA GHAZIABAD. And if you are even remotely aware of the completely biased and questionable buying/exhibition system of our industry then you would certainly agree that this is not a small or ignorable feat from any angle at all.<br/><br/>However the same cannot be said about the movie as such, since it unfortunately falters badly on the execution level offering nothing in terms of quality entertainment even if we take into account the typical Bollywood elements of a single screen market. Beginning with a story telling style straight away reminding you of the recent GUNDAY, it suddenly gives you a weird sequence where in a 12 years old boy falls in love with a 22-23 years old girl and then later marries the same girl when he grows up to be the leading hero of the film as if the girl had stopped aging in the gap period.<br/><br/>Everything routine keeps happening on the screen with many loud and hamming acts which fall flat despite the presence of veterans such as Ashutosh Rana and Suniel Shetty. Plus the love angles simply do not work in both the pre or post interval portions and the Police officials are pathetically portrayed as mere puppets of the politicians quite brutally. Perhaps our censors find &quot;Kissing and Sex scenes&quot; more offensive than this sick and shameful depiction of our Police force on screen following their own set of strange guidelines. Anyhow where the first half can still be called bearable, the second becomes more absurd with every passing sequence and one feels pretty bad thinking about the potential plot of taking the underworld sharp shooters to the international shooting competitions exploiting their hidden talent in a much better manner turning them into a different person.<br/><br/>Few surprisingly above average songs, apt cinematography and background score try their best to lift up the film repeatedly but the blame has to be given to the captain of the ship for the big messy second hour without any arguments. Moreover in the acting department too we do not get anything great to enjoy except the few scenes of Ashutosh Rana alone. Jai Bhanushali and the debutant Akhil Kapur still have to go a long way in terms of acting and Sasha Agha really needs to stay away from hamming in her future acts. Tia Bajpai as the other leading lady gets nothing to do in the film and Suniel Shetty once again plays an all seen before kind of role trying to save the project with his sincere efforts in vain.<br/><br/>In short with every required element of film-making at his disposal, Anand Kumar once again presents a clumsy film based on a well chosen plot which could have resulted in a much better product if conceived with a different vision.

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Reviewed by dineshprakash 1

When you don&#39;t have anything except money to make a film then such type of films come alive on silver screen. Director himself is producer so he deserves to make whatever he wanted. It was my part of foolishness that I chose to watch this one but I pat may back to watch this movie till end. Climax was made for high voltage emotional drama but God knows, what happened to me, I was laughing a loud. I know it is bad manner but couldn&#39;t help myself to control it. I am sorry but it came naturally. Only Sunil Shetty was little better to convey the emotions. There are lots of good actors but in the absence of good scenes all go flat. Performance wise Akhil Kapur as Pali has some good screen present but fails in emotional scenes. Jay Bhanusali , Ashutosh Rana and others actors are just OK. Music is OK but lyrics are bad.

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