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Reviewed by saumitra 10

When i saw dhoom 2 my ideas about bollywood underwent a metamorphosis. Resting on a simple plot i.e a cop after a highly elusive thief (Mr. A) who is pragmatically uncatchable and executes thefts with phenomenal finesse and panache. The movie is all about one man HRITHIK ROSHAN (Mr. A) giving a performance of a lifetime and has surmounted his own best in recent past. <br/><br/>The way he has played his character one really starts to believe that Mr. A is the most prudent guy around and indeed catching him is one hard nut to crack .Abhishek and uday chopra are OK as cops ,and aishwarya looks beautiful and has done well in acting department. The action of the movie was the highlight and the robberies executed by Mr. A are very meticulous and crafty. Direction was extremely gripping and fast paced .Considering the fact that HRITHIK is my favourite star i would go ahead and say<br/><br/>My favourite movie of all time !!!!!!<br/><br/>and for those who criticize dhoom 2 - granted the fact that the movie did receive a critical bashing but it was the BIGGEST hit of 2006 (at the box office which is the highest form of acclaim) and one of the biggest success&#39;s ever Indian cinema has seen.

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Reviewed by Raj Doctor 3

Because I am in Amsterdam, and Indian movies are released here a week behind the India release (with Dutch sub-titles), I was surely tempted to see a Bollywood movie in Netherlands. Dhoom 2 was released and in India had opened in full houses. The movie boasted of great music, great action, great dance, great star cast ? a bigger canvas, a bigger story and bigger stunts.<br/><br/>I had also heard later that the movie is not good ? except Hritik Roshan. With this mixed reviews in my head, I went to see Dhoom 2 in Pathe Arena theatre. Pathe Arena is a theatre that is located a bit far ? in South of Amsterdam. The theatre hall is good. I think the biggest of all the Pathe theatres.<br/><br/>I was happy to see many Indians in the movie hall. The movie unlike in India ? did not have an interval break in between.<br/><br/>Now the movie. Hritik was fantastic, he carried the movie on his shoulder. Not a single move of his was out of place. Each expression, each twitch on his face represented the emotion that was undergoing the character.<br/><br/>But the movie was bad. Abhishek acted as if he was acting in his first movie. Ashwairya looked starved to death ? except her face ? her body was ugly to look at. Adiya Chopra ? he had the best dialogues and punch lines ? but he does not have anything in him to carry off his character or such wonderful lines. Though they bring some smiles on your face ? the lines were really good.<br/><br/>The songs were filmed nicely ? especially the first dance of Hritik ? &quot;Dhoom Again&quot; ? was as good as ? &quot;Main Aisa Kyu Hu&quot;.<br/><br/>This was the first time ? I was disappointed by Masand Ki Pasand&#39;s review ? who gave 3 out of 5 stars to the movie and appreciated the movie by saying that the Director knows the what audience loves and wants ? and delivered that in the movie. I could not dis-agree more with him. It seemed that Masand was blown away by the movie hall full of youngster ? in hyped first show; or may be Masand was paid (in cash or kind) to write a good review by the Film Directors. All in all ? not a worth seeing the movie ? except Hritik. If you are Hritik fan ? go for the movie.<br/><br/>My brother roared about the high level of action scenes ? but that too can not help me say that ? avoid this movie. It is bad!

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Reviewed by user-13794 8

First the comparison with Dhoom 1. It is repetitive in parts, especially because of the irritating Ali (Uday Chopra), who has outlived his utility in the first part. On the other hand, this has Hrithik and Ash, and is basically all about the duo! Abhishesk as Inspector Jai provides the continuity in the story, but this is Hrithik&#39;s film all the way. He packs in a great performance, looks awesome, fights, dances, cries, laughs and even kisses (yes, the infamous kiss!) all the way. Just watch this for him. Ash looks fabulous and puts in a great performance as well. The songs are a let down, except for the title number Dhoom machale. The story is good, however the ending is a let-down as compared with the first part. Don&#39;t listen to your pals who tell you that this is copied from numerous Hollywood movies. It&#39;s just that the intellectuals are jealous because Bollywood has finally managed to look as good as Hollywood!

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