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Reviewed by bobbysing 2/10

There was a time when a film called KHOSLA KA GHOSLA was struggling toget a decent theatrical release reaching the ultimate audience. And nowis the time when the same &#x27;once unknown film&#x27; is being followed bynumerous &#x27;average to poor&#x27; clones trying to somehow repeat the successstory, redefining the power in the concept of Destiny.<br><br>Joining the same crew DILLIWALI ZAALIM GIRLFRIEND is anothermisdirected film made on the similar pattern of KKG wherein the &#x27;plotof land&#x27; is replaced by &#x27;a car&#x27; and the key character of &#x22;Khurana i.e.Boman Irani&#x22; is replaced by Jackie Shroff playing a Punjabi businessmanquite amateurishly. In fact the weakest link of the film remainsShroff, a complete misfit for the character right from the word Go.<br><br>Beginning with a short medley having the credits, the first thing thatstarts annoying you in DZG (within the opening 5 minutes only) is itsloud background score heavily relying on the Punjabi beats having norelation to the proceedings whatsoever. The forcibly used Delhi lingo,the easily predictable routine plot and the poor show by the bank lady(in the initial sequences) straight away reveals the mediocre contentcoming next. But the film surprisingly falls to much lower levelsfeaturing the songs being there exactly when they were least requiredcreating a hilarious situation, like the sad one thrown in right afterthe scene where the hero loses his brand new car and doesn&#x27;t know whatto do. Moreover it becomes even worse when you notice the &#x27;lip-sync&#x27;completely out in the most famous track of the film composed andperformed by Yo Yo Honey Singh (with Alfaz).<br><br>Post intermission director Japinder Kaur desperately tries to impressthe viewers with more vague insertions like the sequence shot atGurdwara Bangla Sahib in Delhi and offers only one or two entertainingsequences in the final hour (that too not featuring anyone from thelead cast). The story dealing with a con and sting operations plannedagainst Jackie Shroff is written so boringly (read childishly) that youfeel like leaving the theater much before the film is officially over.Nevertheless the three otherwise good actors namely Divyendu Sharma,Pradhuman Singh and Ira Dubey keep trying hard to somehow save the filmwith their visible efforts (made in vain) but the terribly bad JackieShroff never allows them to do so in the entire two hours pathetically.<br><br>As per the new guidelines, Censor once again mutes all the cuss wordsused in the dialogues, that doesn&#x27;t seem to be an unjustified act thistime, since the writers have simply inserted those words to create asilly-funny impact that falls flat pretty badly. However it was quiteweird to see a black patch pasted on the hands of characters showingtheir middle figure raising a valid question that what&#x27;s possiblycoming next from the Censor board in the name of moral policing.<br><br>In all, despite having some catchy party tracks in its multi- composersoundtrack that possibly were responsible of bringing in the youngcrowd in its first show itself, DILLIWALI ZAALIM GIRLFRIEND is notworth your valuable time and money, even in a free play on the cable tosay it all.

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