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Reviewed by Vishal Kumar 7

They spent a lot of money on the product & on its marketing that no body gonna buy but in India its the Stars that are important not the story. so they gave what public wanted, pile of garbage wrapped in the gift box.Now they are so afraid and they do know that this movie is not receiving what they expected, now its IMDb page wont even show up in the Google search because public will know its true rating. Rohit Shetty you showed us how much hard work stunt crew put and yes they definitely do but you did not.You were the captain of this ship and now its your turn to accept your mistakes when its sinking(I doubt you ever will but....).

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Reviewed by archie187 1

It is hilarious to see the first 4 pages of reviews of Dilwale has a 10* rating which was rather surprising to me. So I go in to the profile of each of those people and there you have it most of the reviewers had joined IMDb in Dec and this is the only movie they have rated.<br/><br/>It is just sad when movie makers have to create fake profiles and rate the movie high so the public would fall for it and watch the movie. But this is such a sad strategy as we can not be fooled for long.<br/><br/>I wanted to check the reviews first before watching the movie but thankfully the real reviews from real people have told me exactly what i needed to know!

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Reviewed by NEERAJ SINGH 1

Looks like Rohit shetty didn&#39;t have any story. A movie without plot/comedy/action.<br/><br/>This movie has no surprise. Same predictable story. Kajol was good but have very limited role. Comedy punches are missing.<br/><br/>You can&#39;t sell everything with the name of SRK an kajol. It should have content.<br/><br/>In few scenes it was like copied from old rohit shetty&#39;s movies.<br/><br/>I would consider this as worst movie of Rohit shetty.<br/><br/>not even the regular action scenes.<br/><br/>It&#39;s not entertainer for sure. After 30 minutes you will realize that it&#39;s same predicated movies with nothing new.<br/><br/>Very disappointing.

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