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Reviewed by mark-513-19320 7

Had to write a brief review as the level of ignorance regarding RDJ&#39;s accent is astounding.<br/><br/>As a Welshman I can say his attempt at a Welsh accent is not a bad effort at all. Like many places around the UK we have regional variaions but RDJ does a passable version of a South Wales Valleys accent and that is no mean feat.<br/><br/>As far as the plot is concerned you have to remember this is a family film that&#39;s full of CGI animals. Was it great? Not quite - but there was enough fun to enjoy if you could get past the the initial shock that Dolittle wasn&#39;t from England.<br/><br/>Sadly it seems this was too far out of some peoples comfort zones and because of that they missed the hidden meanings of the film which circled around friends and friendship.

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Reviewed by damian-elliott-patton 9

A funny family film. Great for children and adults to smile at.Just think Sunday afternoon

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Reviewed by Shaer_Alvy 10

Enjoyed this movie so much and my rating is 10/10 of course !! Funny moments and dialogues made me laugh, The CGI was so good as like as the acting. Totally worth my time, Thanks for making such an Amazing movie...

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