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Reviewed by Anonymous002 1

The title takes a dig at itself. Movie is terrible. First half is boring, pretentious.I wonder what was canada police doing all time. The mission was controlled by six people without any help ?How?? Sunil shetty shooting three men while jumping through building glass? Sanjay dutt escapes without being noticed by anyone and so more .I don't recommend this movie to a serious moviegoer.

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Reviewed by Peter_Young 2

This film is one piece of a joke. A complete mishmash of wannabe cool action scenes and heroes (and heroines), all lifted from different famous foreign action movies. Awfully uninspiring, terribly melodramatic and overdone, with a cliché and unoriginal screenplay. The cast is just one bunch of poseurs. Abhishek Bachchan is in the lead, and he is awfully miscast as the "tough" cop. Sanjay Dutt has nothing to do there. Sunil Shetty unsurprisingly overdoes his role and Zayed Khan is more laughable than funny with his annoying fake accent. Shilpa Shetty's Tomb Raider look is one of many mistakes made in the career of an otherwise talented actress who did not get good role offers. At times I was really wondering what the director was thinking while copying some of the most famous scenes of Hindi films. Like, for one, the group song which had them all singing a song when out of nowhere they noticed Sanjay Dutt's serious expression, stopped singing, and then, he suddenly starts singing and dancing with them in a very cheesy way. It is so clearly lifted from the song "Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna" from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge, involving Amrish Puri and Shahrukh Khan. The final scene is simply pathetic, and so is this film. Avoid this dreadful cheapo at any cost.

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Reviewed by rajj5 7

An all star caste for a roller coaster movie.<br/><br/>This is a reasonable family film which i&#39;d rate as a 15, there&#39;s little nudity (one risky dance scene) and moderate swearing.<br/><br/>An all-round entertainer with fresh ideas for the Bollywood genre.<br/><br/>There&#39;s a lot going on in the movie so my tip is to write down some of the names so you can keep up with the pace and plot line.<br/><br/>Would recommend this film to friends and family.<br/><br/>There are only three songs and these are well choreographed.<br/><br/>I would rate this film higher if the characters were better rounded.<br/><br/>Looking forward to more feature films like these.<br/><br/>Thumbs up on this one!<br/><br/>Movie buff (uk)

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