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Reviewed by kym_b-525-303773 1

Bought and downloaded this for my 2yo and 5yo to watch on the Easter weekend because imdb rating was above 6/10 (more than Hop). Think there must be confusion with another film, no way anyone could rate this more than 1/10.

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Reviewed by Zhuge 1

This is really bad in so many ways. The animation is very bad. The mouths don't come close to matching the words coming out of the characters. The characters pass through background scenery when in motion). The villains are Bad Clyde, a wart hog, and his minions -- Frizzlebun (a rat) and Frizzlebutt (an owl). Bad Clyde speaks with an odd Scottish acccent that really sounds more like someone mimicking Mike Myer's Scottish accent. His plan is to ruin Easter for everyone and get rid of Benny the Easter Bunny forever. Santa and his reindeer sidekick, Gargaff, must save the day. There's lots of dialog and not much action. Most scenes just show characters speaking to each other. Lots of annoying background music that's looped and adds nothing to the scene. Many of the scenes are repeated again and again with new dialog (again, there's no actual action beyond characters walking a short way -- it's just connected scenes of characters talking). With the poor script and bad animation, this would have been a long 25 minutes. Somehow, they managed to stretch it out to 70 minutes.

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Reviewed by italianguy1223 7

Easter Land has been made in the spirit of the 1960s Holiday classics of Arthur Rankin Jr & Jules Bass. The animation is cute but primitive digital. Would have been better in stop motion. Overall very well done.

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