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Reviewed by Andrew Gold 5/10

Van Damme is one of the few big action stars today whose actingactually improves over time. Back in his Kickboxer days, he had someunintentionally hilarious line-readings, but he always had a boyishcharm that helped keep his movies afloat even when there wasn&#x27;t anyaction happening on the screen. Now, he&#x27;s a perfectly capable,legitimate actor. His English has improved immensely which has a lot todo with it, but you can tell that he still has a genuine passion foracting (unlike guys like Bruce Willis who look bored whenever they&#x27;reon camera). Enemies Closer sees Van Damme as a villain once againplaying Xander, who looks like a French-Canadian Joker esque madman,and he milks the role for all it&#x27;s worth. He&#x27;s a joy to watch. Whetherhe&#x27;s barking orders to his henchmen or whimsically taunting theprotagonist, Van Damme is eccentric and arresting for every moment thathe&#x27;s on screen. When he&#x27;s not on screen, the life is sucked right outof the movie.<br><br>Everything else about this movie is bad. The protagonist is terrible,the dialogue is cringeworthy, every plot development feels forced andfabricated, even the lighting stood out to me as being exceptionallyawful. You can barely see what the hell&#x27;s going on half the time. Thefight scenes, when they do happen, are entertaining enough. They&#x27;rehaphazardly edited though, which makes it hard to focus on anything forlonger than half a second. And again, whenever Van Damme isn&#x27;t onscreen, the movie&#x27;s momentum grinds to a dead stop. It&#x27;s like watchinga stage play and Van Damme is the hammy over-the-top lead gleefullydancing around the stage while everyone else is standing still in thebackground drearily reading off of cue cards. <br><br>If you&#x27;re a die-hard Van Damme fan, go ahead and fast-forward throughevery scene he&#x27;s not in. You won&#x27;t miss anything important and you&#x27;llsave yourself a lot of cringing and facepalming. His entrance and exitscenes in the film are particularly memorable and he&#x27;s given a coupleof fun villainous monologues. It&#x27;s hard to fully enjoy Enemies Closeras a B-movie because it&#x27;s so sloppy and gloomy; it never knows whattone to go for. And it doesn&#x27;t help that none of the actors share thesame conviction as Van Damme. The movie is mercifully short though, soif you are in the mood to watch Van Damme play the Joker and don&#x27;t mindsitting through some atrocious dialogue-driven scenes, Enemies Closerisn&#x27;t the worst way to spend 85 minutes.

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Reviewed by Fluke_Skywalker 5/10

This straight-to-DVD Jean-Claude Van Damme action flick isdistinguished by a &#x22;name&#x22; director (Peter Hyams; &#x27;2010&#x27;, and JCVDflicks &#x27;Timecop&#x27; and &#x27;Sudden Death&#x27;) and somewhat recognizable B-listfaces in Tom Everett Scott and Orlando Jones. I don&#x27;t know that theymake the film any better, but they certainly give it a sheen ofcredibility so often lacking in these affairs.<br><br>But the real star here is Van Damme. Years of hard living has left theonce matin&#xE9;e idol looking like a hobo with a gym membership, but hebrings a quirky energy to his rare villain role.<br><br>&#x27;Enemies Closer&#x27; is an efficient, moderately entertaining little actionmovie, and a good step or two above the usual straight to video trashflooding the bargain bin at your local Wal-Mart.

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Reviewed by Hellmant 6/10

&#x27;ENEMIES CLOSER&#x27;: Three Stars (Out of Five)<br><br>Jean-Claude Van Damme and director Peter Hyams team up for the thirdtime (after 1994&#x27;s &#x27;TIMECOP&#x27; and 1995&#x27;s &#x27;SUDDEN DEATH&#x27;) to make this&#x27;buddy action movie&#x27;, with Van Damme once again playing the bad guy. Italso stars Tom Everett Scott and Orlando Jones as it&#x27;s action heroleads and co-stars Linzey Cocker and Van Damme&#x27;s son Kristopher VanVarenberg (who appears in all of his father&#x27;s films as of late). Thescript was written by first time film writers Eric and James Brombergand their inexperience shows. The most clever thing the filmmakers cameup with (for this movie) is it&#x27;s title; which is about the two maincharacters being enemies at first and having to team up to fight a moredangerous foe (referring to the popular phrase &#x27;keep your friends closeand your enemies closer&#x27;). People don&#x27;t watch a Van Damme movie for thewriting usually though, if you&#x27;re a fan of his performances you won&#x27;tbe disappointed here (it&#x27;s one of his better ones).<br><br>The story is set on the US-Canadian border where (as the film opens) aplane goes down containing a large shipment of drugs. Van Damme playsXander, a crazy drug dealer who leads his ruthless cartel into theforest, near by the crash, to retrieve the missing drugs. Everett Scottplays an Ex-Navy SEAL turned forest ranger named Henry who becomesXander&#x27;s biggest obstacle. Henry&#x27;s biggest obstacle (at first) issurviving the attempts on his life by a man named Clay (Jones), whoblames Henry for the death of his brother (during combat). Henry andClay must of course put their differences aside in order to outwitXander, and his men, and save a young woman (Cocker) who recently tooka liking to the ranger.<br><br>It&#x27;s interesting how Van Damme went from always playing the good guyhero in B action flicks to always playing the villain (in B actionflicks). He started out his acting career playing the main bad guy inthe 1986 karate film &#x27;NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER&#x27; and the 1988 martialarts action movie &#x27;BLACK EAGLE&#x27; but after he hit it big as the hero of&#x27;BLOOD SPORT&#x27; (also in 1988) he became known as a likable good guy.Ever since then he&#x27;s kept that image in movies, until his turn in2012&#x27;s &#x27;THE EXPENDABLES 2&#x27;. He followed that up (the same year) byturning his good guy role (Luc Deveraux) in the &#x27;UNIVERSAL SOLDIER&#x27;franchise into the bad guy in the fourth film &#x27;UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAYOF RECKONING&#x27;. Now, with his performance in this movie, it seems likehe loves playing the villain; he&#x27;s so over the top and darkly comedicthat he steals every scene he&#x27;s in. He&#x27;s the only real reason to seethis movie (that and Hyams direction; he used to be a really gooddirector). Everett Scott is horrible as the action hero lead (in this)and Jones is wasted. The young Van Damme and Cocker are all right buttheir parts are too small. The movie is worth seeing for Van Dammethough; you&#x27;ll love it if you&#x27;re a fan!<br><br>Watch our movie review show &#x27;MOVIE TALK&#x27; at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yh0hmoLcuEo

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