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Reviewed by transcribemd 7

&quot;It&#39;s Entertainment&quot;, directed by the duo Sajid-Farhad, is a comedy as well as Romantic film. <br/><br/>Actor Akshay Kumar along with Tamannah Bhatia has done a good job, providing good fun at frantic pace. <br/><br/>Akshay&#39;s co-actor, Junior, the Golden Retriever dog, had been a lovely speechless actor in the movie. <br/><br/>The music of the film is entertaining as well. <br/><br/>Johnny Lever as Habibullah Sheikh is a happening comedian and has played a nice role. <br/><br/>Sonu Sood and Prakash Raj have delivered their negative roles in comedian way conforming to the nature of the film. <br/><br/>To sum up, &quot;It&#39;s Entertainment&quot; will provide good entertainment to the viewers.

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Reviewed by indianature 2

I bought this VCD thinking it would be a good comedy film. Well, it is a comedy but way too over the top.<br/><br/>The dialogues are over parodied and not that funny especially in the first half. There are some truly funny moments in the latter half but overall this is not a movie that I would want to watch ever again.<br/><br/>I fast forwarded over several scenes that were just plain going on and on.<br/><br/>The last good comedy of Akshay Kumar&#39;s was Khiladi 786. He was superb in Special 26 and in Holiday, but Entertainment though light years better than the unwatchable Boss, can safely be given a miss.<br/><br/>To be fair, I think children might enjoy it and have a good laugh throughout.

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Reviewed by wahebhussaini 10

The movie doesn&#39;t wish to remain subtle anywhere, right from the start it is explicit and out and out. the humour is simple and does not depend on random new age dialogues. What i liked was the directors intent to remain in their own domain of comedy cinema. Some scenes are so funny that you may add them to your all time favourite. The movie doesn&#39;t want to address the Hollywood type of humour appetite of many, but remains true to the bollywood style humour that we all have cherished since the last three decades. the performances are brilliant owing to casting of some bollywood stalwarts. Nothing in this movie disappoints me and this was the kind of film that i was looking for since a long time. entertainment is different from the disastrous Humshakals in many ways, humshakals lacked the connect and tried to be new aged while entertainment is all the way a more dramatic and outrageous comedy.

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