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Reviewed by Caitlan84 8

Ah. I just loved this. I rarely review movies. But they had some really likable characters. Definitely a feel good show.

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Reviewed by asikameryl 6

Okay first of all, this kids movies always started with trailer which sells and gives too much of the story. So I&#39;m pretty much well-informed.<br/><br/>The conflict starter is really... cliche.. a dreamer who failed and try to get it together. The story progress is also what you expected in family movie. Problem - hero tries to conquer - hero fails - hero tries again - hero succeeds - hero fails big time - hero prevails - and all is save. I must but commend the essence of the movie, it&#39;s light and bundles childish humour (i must admit i laughed a couple of times), a decent character developement and a great choreographer. I must say the dancing is what you expect of hollywood movie, the lead dancer&#39;s technique i must admit is very good, a nice posture, power and attitude, though the styling could be better.<br/><br/>I wouldn&#39;t say it&#39;s all that inspiring, there&#39;s aspects of reality, (but because it&#39;s a family movie) some things are make-believes and impossible to happen in reality. But it&#39;s indeed enjoyable!

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Reviewed by kzm-07135 9

I&#39;m a fan of Sofia Carson and this feel like a more grown up film for her. It is similar to the Cinderella movie she did, but the tone here is more realistic. I also love the fact that she is really mean! It honestly made the movie more fun for me.

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