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Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 8/10

In 1794, in the Arctic Sea, Captain Robert Walton (Aidan Quinn) is aman obsessed to reach the North Pole, pushing his crew to theexhaustion. When his ship hits an iceberg, she is stranded in the ice.Out of the blue, Captain Walton and his men overhear a dreadful cry andthey see a stranger coming to the ship. He introduces himself as VictorFrankenstein (Kenneth Branagh) and he tells to the captain the story ofhis life since he was a little boy in Geneva. <br><br>Victor is a brilliant student and in love with his stepsister Elizabeth(Helena Bonham Carter), an orphan that was raised by his father BaronFrankenstein (Ian Holm). In 1793, Victor moves to Ingolstadt to jointhe university and he promises to get married to Elizabeth. In theschool, Victor befriends Henry Clerval (Tom Hulce) that becomes hisbest friend. Victor gets close to Professor Waldman (John Cleese) anddecides to create life to cheat death, but Waldman advises him that heshould not try this experiment since the result would be anabomination. When Waldman dies, Victor steals his notes and tries tocreate life. He succeeds and gives life to a strong Creature (Robert DeNiro), composed of parts of deceased persons. However he realizes thathis experiment is a mistake and he abandons The Creature expecting thatit could die alone. however The Creature survives and learns how toread and write, but he is a monster rejected by the society and by hisown creator. The Creature decides to revenge from Victor killingeveryone that he loves.<br><br>&#x22;Frankenstein&#x22; is an underrated version of the classic story. Directedby Kenneth Branagh, the dramatic story was not well accepted by theprofessional critics and by many viewers. I saw this movie in 1995 andI have just saw it again on DVD, and it is a great movie that has notaged. Unfortunately I have never read the novel by Mary Shelley tocompare with this version that &#x22;is considered the most faithful filmadaptation of Mary Shelley&#x27;s novel Frankenstein. My vote is eight.<br><br>Title (Brazil): &#x22;Frankenstein de Mary Shelley&#x22; (&#x22;Mary Shelley&#x27;sFrankenstein&#x22;)

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Reviewed by rose-294 8/10

Written by Steph Lady and Frank Darabont (who later disowned this film)and ambitiously directed by Kenneth Branagh, Mary Shelley&#39;sFrankenstein is a likable film which succeeds mostly in a refreshinglyold-fashioned, Hammeresque vein. (I think Christopher Lee hated thismovie and equally class-dripping Bram Stoker&#39;s Dracula because he feltthat they were competing in the same area.) There&#39;s the classicmonsters (Robert DeNiro!), the period sets, the lovely heroines in thelovely period costumes, the beautiful and suitably turbulent score...Certainly not a perfect film, but as a classy, gorgeous monster movie,it is a woefully underrated one.

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Reviewed by nourane (rose_automnale)

as i watched the trailer of the movie on TV, i thought it'll be anotherhorror movie with the same old clich&eacute;s, full of blood and disgustingscenes...However,when i saw the movie i was moved by the dramaticmelancholic and tragic way in which branagh directed wasn't atall such a trivial horror movie..on the was anotherphilosophical deep way of reviving Shelley's was anothermasterpiece of branagh's...he adopted the novel in such a delicatedramatic romantic way..and dipped into the moral that Shelley meant byher story..Branagh made of Victor Frankenstein another Odesseus whosevanity and arrogance makes him think that he could imitate God and defyHim..he made him a tragic hero haunted by the death of his mother whichhas created in him the urging desire of fighting death and creating analternative life...Branagh's choice of the actors was more thanperfect, De Niro made a sympathetic touching creature despite hisviolence and thick hands ,the creature in this movie managed to escapebeing another scary pale dead monster walking the earth as it was inthe old Frankenstein movies,the genius De Niro made us feel and believethat this creature bears great equal amounts of love and rage and thatif he cannot satisfy one ,he'll indulge the other (as he says tofrankenstein), Helena Bonham Carter was splendid as Elizabeth,she waslike the refreshing breeze in the movie which could decrease theintensity of the bloody scenes, Tom Hulce in the role of Henry was inhis friendship to Victor as intimate as the friendship of Horatio toHamlet, Ian Holm as the baron Frankenstein was very good ,but his partwas too small that he couldn't show all his talents, Richard Briers wasgreat in the role of the tender grandfather, and of course KennethBranagh himself as Frankenstein was perfect,he could make us pity forFrankenstein rather than hating him. Generally the movie despite itsseveral bloody scenes,makes an intense powerful drama..and makes yousaturated with a strange sense of melancholy after seeingit...Branagh's Frankenstein is really a must-see :)))

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