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Reviewed by rabbit_boyrcn 1

Very bad storyline and acting. One of the worst movies I've watched in a long time.

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Reviewed by williampmcg 10

Hang on for a wild rambling ride through beautiful dessert scenes, fun and funny dialogue, quirky humor, lovable and handsome protagonists, charming, apocalyptically dressed children and teens, over-the-top antagonists we love to hate, redemptive and heartwarming themes.You're never really sure where you will end up, but you enjoy the ride anticipating where the next detour may take you, and you may even feel good when you arrive. Suitable for older kids. Watch this one! I love this director.

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Reviewed by echo-01486 9

Fun adventurous family movie with some pretty kool twists refreshing no cussing no sex no using gods name in vain an example setter had fun watching it

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