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Reviewed by torrascotia 3

This has to be Winter bottoms worst. Fans of his cannon are likely to be disappointed with Greed and it's very clumsy bash you over the head "message". It's a thinly veiled attacked on a well-known fashion chain owner in the UK as is a kind of a wish phantasy of what the director would probably like to do to him.The film is well shot but it's basically just 90 mins of the main character being unlikeable, with a few funny lines from Coogan. It was only the fact that Coogan was in this and I expected a certain level of humour from him that kept me watching.The trouble was this isn't the Coogan from The Trip or Partridge it's political Coogan who made himself look stupid during Brexit. This is obvious a political film but it's the politics of the out of touch rich elite. It's the kind of people who are very well off themselves but think that a shop chain owner is the devil. These are the same people who happily dismiss those who voted for Brexit as stupid (there's actually a Brexit joke in the movie) as being stupid. However the poor from another country are seen as exploited saints. And thats where this movie falls flat on its face. It's hypocritical.The ending is basically wish fulfillment for the loser left who voted Corbyn and Remain. This will only play well to the well off who despise the working class in the UK as much as they have those with more money than them. Anticapitalism at it's worst and it wasn't even funny. Apparently murder is ok as well as long as someone has more cash and is an unpleasant character.

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Reviewed by stripling-32665 8

Acting: 10Cast: 10Story: 10Cinematography: 10Score: 10Writing: 10Logic: 2Understanding of real life commerce: 0Feministic influence: 0Sense of justice/mercy: 0<br/><br/>I don&#39;t write reviews but had to on this one. Because I just loved this movie ... but the movie totally flopped in the end.<br/><br/>It&#39;s about a guy &quot;Greedy McCreedy&quot; who is meant to be portrait as a Ebeneezer Scrooge who deserve imprisonment at the least and death at most.<br/><br/>Yet as a youth he&#39;s motivated, intelligent, hard-working, handsome, funny, confident and savvy.<br/><br/>As a young man he was all this but ad smart, cleaver and ruthless in business. NOT cast as a criminal or doing anything illegal. Driven but at the same time he was charming.<br/><br/>He always saw himself as superior so he was not humble or meek in the least. He was a red personality: a type &quot;A&quot;. Yet, not psychopathic ... simply detached from some parts of humanity yet not violent or hateful. Not racist and not evil.<br/><br/>The film was masterfully done ... but at the end you are supposed to believe him worthy of his &quot;punishment&quot; and you are supposed to admire and applaud the one who dealt this punishment to him. But, in truth, McCreedy was not a good man yet he was not evil either. And she who dealt him his punishment is simply a petty, hateful, evil, ungrateful, vindictive child of hell.<br/><br/>The fact the producers of this want you to see her as angelic and him as demonic is the true flaw to this movie. McCreedy was loved by many whom he held close to him and hated by far more because of his ruthless business ways but he was not a murderer, an adulterer, a criminal or an evil person in the pure sense of the word. Yet we are supposed to hate him at love and feel sympathy for she who is the true villain!<br/><br/>Great movie... fell flat. Should have punished the true villain and made this movie about the dangers of jealousy, hate, misandry and petty covertness.<br/><br/>Amazing movie that fell short of it&#39;s true potential. Breaks my heart

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Reviewed by hollandnigel 7

So after seeing the negative reviews for, and then watching &#39;The Corrupted&#39; and &#39;Love Wedding Repeat&#39;, I realised that the negatives are from Americans and not from Brits,Our humour is different (For one they spell it wrong!)So it&#39;s not surprising they didn&#39;t like this British movie, mainly because they don&#39;t get our jokes (Our any jokes actually!)<br/><br/>Watch it , enjoy it!!!<br/><br/>If you know Steve Coogan and David Mitchell, you&#39;ll like this movie!<br/><br/>If you can&#39;t? Then you&#39;re a word that sounds similar ??

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