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Reviewed by kaneeddy 7

Honey Boy is a film I was fascinated by, with the way it was made and the subject matter behind it. The story of a young Shia Labeouf and the relationship with his father influencing him as an adult. The performances from Noah Jupe, Lucas Hedges and Shia Labeouf are fantastic, all giving committed performances that will draw out emotions, the direction from Alma Har&#39;el was solid as well as Labeoufs writing, as it felt personal and gave us a glimpse into his life that he didn&#39;t need to show us, so I commend him on being brave enough to do that.<br/><br/>However, I did see some flaws with the film that didn&#39;t quite hook me into it as much as I wanted, its strange but I think showing us real authenticity at times doesn&#39;t translate well into films and it felt like that here at times. I also wanted to connect to the characters in the film more but I just couldn&#39;t, I wanted to see more from his time in rehab as I thought Lucas Hedges was amazing in his role and I wanted to see more. The 3rd act felt rushed and seemed like it needed an extra 15 minutes to wrap up the plot lines it created nicely.<br/><br/>Overall, Honey Boy is a good film with some great performances and some brave writing from Shia Labeouf, I just didn&#39;t connect with it as much as I would have liked with a rushed 3rd act made me not sing its praises, I do recommend audiences watch this film as it gives you a glimpse of what a childhood celebrity&#39;s life can be like, which is definitely fascinating and worth the watch on that alone.

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Reviewed by Polarbear53041 10

Always figured Shia Lebeouf was a decent actor, but nothing special. I was wrong. It&#39;s one of the best performances I&#39;ve seen in years, and not just from Shia, it&#39;s shocking how good the entire cast is. See it.

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Reviewed by shabanavdulaj 7

I was looking forward to this since it came out in Sundance last year. I&#39;ve been watching a lot of interviews for this film - watching Shia talk about what inspired him to write this got me a bit skeptic into thinking that he was being a bit too &quot;whinny&quot; let&#39;s say about his past, but I kinda like Shia more as an artist and as a person now having watched the movie.<br/><br/>I think that this is Shia&#39;s best acting work ever (I know that&#39;s not saying much) and this it is also one of the most impressive scripts of this past year, really powerful. Shia really left himself vulnerable on writing this script and I salute him for that.A really good effort from the director. I think that a lot it is done well here. The way the director goes from one scene to an other is very efficient, I really liked it.<br/><br/>Overall I really liked the movie. This is one of the most depressing films I&#39;ve seen recently but it is also one of the sweetest and warmest. I got a bittersweet feeling by the end of it.

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