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Reviewed by punzelle 9

This film was beautifully-done. It's very unique and unexpected to see dazzling special effects used in a romantic film (when they are usually only seen in action/violent ones). - Salman, Preity and Akshay were gorgeous and wonderfully entertaining, as was another favorite of mine, Anupam Kher (he was perfect in "Bride and Prejudice") -- although the attempt to make Anupam look like a 'little person' in his main role here didn't ring true and seemed unnecessary to the plot, and was not really humorous. - I liked the incorporation of the classic Cyrano de Bergerac device, having Salman feeding lines to Akshay to woo Preity (even though he loved her himself), and also the 'camera obscura' spying technique borrowed from the US film "Addicted to Love." One minor criticism I have is the use of British actors in the bit parts (with a line or two) who are supposedly Americans in New York; why was this done? Even if these scenes were filmed in Mumbai, surely a few real Americans could have been found for authenticity's sake. But do see it, if you love Hindi films as much as I do!

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Reviewed by bk_connection 10

Yet again the Salman and Akshay magic has created a DHOOM again. This movie is so simple made and yet so stylish and &quot;Hatke se&quot;. Iam not gonna write about the story, that U can read everywhere else or just see the movie.<br/><br/>Salman Khan has done a brilliant job again, he his caring this movie on his wide shoulders and giving the movie a special look and touch with his comedy and emotional role. &quot;Salman Bhai tusi Great Ho&quot;<br/><br/>Akshay Kumar, what can I say he is one of Bollywoods most talented actors and with his personality and acting he has sure made a special place in our hearts, If u read this comment Akki then stick to comedy movies, these roles suits you and U do a brilliant job every single time.<br/><br/>Pretty Zinta is very good too...still looking good and her acting is top notch. Anupam Kher is too funny, all the roles is done to perfectness and no role is forced in the movie.<br/><br/>Hey Movie Viewers go and watch this movie and fall in love again its never over..:)

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Reviewed by jeffjosejeff 8

Must watch ! That says it all. Wont be 10/10 on story basis. wont be 10/10 on casting/direction whatever. I am not an expert , But if you are like me who goes to theater to watch movie/spend some good time. This is it.<br/><br/>Forget all your presumptions about salman, akshay and preity , They do a brilliant role in the movie.<br/><br/>The Camera is handled pretty superbly. The songs are tooo good !. Anu Malik : Great job.<br/><br/>The song sequences are picturised in a very innovative way (thou&#39; those kinda innovation have been around for a while, this movie perfectionises it all..).. After a long run of low budget..himesh reshm flicks...this is a truly good movie..to watch...<br/><br/>I recommend !!..

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