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Reviewed by gregoryblanch88 9

Jojo Rabbit demonstrates that there is hope, both for humanity and Hollywood. By the latter I mean it&#39;s hard to imagine how a film this original got made in an era of reboots, remakes, sequels and prequels (mostly bad)<br/><br/>The characters are charming and quirky, the dialogue clever and the plot wisely confines itself to telling an intensely personal story rather than one of the war itself. The young male star is perfect, and the other performances shine as well. It does seem though that Scarlett got less time on the screen than she deserves.<br/><br/>The director cleverly doesn&#39;t show us certain things, and a lot of good choices were made in the editing room.<br/><br/>Hollywood, if you&#39;re listening, more like this please.

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Reviewed by ajzeg 10

It&#39;s a really weird idea, it&#39;s a cutesy Wes Anderson/Calvin &amp; Hobbes-style comedy about a little boy, his imaginary friend and his adventures growing up. It just so happens that that little boy is a Hitler Youth, his imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler and he&#39;s growing up in Nazi Germany during WWII. This movie is very funny. It has a ton of comedy both light and very dark! Don&#39;t be fooled, though. This is less The Producers or Look Who&#39;s Back and more Life is Beautiful. There are some seriously heavy and tragic parts in this movie that I don&#39;t dare spoil here. While it is a commentary about how childish the whole idea of Naziism is, it is also about the horrors of indoctrination and intolerance and the damages they can inflict. Great performances, beautiful costumes and cinematography and with a brilliant script, this is a must-see! One of my favourites of 2019!

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Reviewed by Breumaster 9

This story touches the heart in a clever way. Everybody can feel with the young boy, who understands Hitler as a friend by not better knowing it. It must be irritating for kids to cope with the circumstances around in such a bad dictatorship. I love the movie - it&#39;s great! There were some kids in the audience, asking mother, father, grandfather what happend at some point. So it was a schooling lesson for three generations. On the other hand, it was full of funny gags that showed how crappy the Third Reich was in everydays life. No German could have made this movie. It&#39;s good that Taika Waititi did. It was fun to watch. Scarlett Johansson got a deserved nomination at the Oscars. She is great in that movie! Big recommendation for freethinker.

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