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Reviewed by nixy-caos 2

It's really difficult to understand how it's possible to destroy a brilliant original idea. This movie is simply an offense to the original Jumanji. I can't understand how DeVito and Glover accepted to be part of this. What a waste of talent! I love fantasy-adventure-action movies, loved the original movie. The reboot was ok, decent, entertaining. But this one... I ask myself... WHY?

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Reviewed by andrewgwilliam 5

It didn't need Danny Devito or Glovers characters in it. Their characters inept way of understanding what was going on got old.

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Reviewed by mskelly-4 10

The Rock gives the best performance of Danny DeVito&#39;s career. Also, Chekhov&#39;s Gun shall hencforth be referred to as Chekhov&#39;s Nunchucks.<br/><br/>What? You need more than that? Fine....<br/><br/>Jumanji : The Next Level is a direct sequel to the 2017 Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle which was a soft reboot of the 1995 film Jumanji.<br/><br/>Spencer, the lead from the previous film is having a hard time at college and finds himself back in the video game Jumanji. However things don&#39;t go as planned and his friends have to jump back into the game to rescue him. This time the game also sucks in Spencer&#39;s grandfather, played by Danny DeVito and his old business partner Danny Glover (in the best role he&#39;s had in well over a decade).<br/><br/>This time however, the players don&#39;t get to choose thier characters and this creates an interesting fish-out-of-water situation that the film employs to it&#39;s absolute best use. Moreover, the dual roles pull some surprisingly good impressions from our main video game cast and showcases a range you might not expect from stars like Dwayne Johnson or Terry Crews.<br/><br/>Jumanji has a tricky line to walk. Adventure/Comedy is a tough sell, yet Jumanji manages to craft a rollicking good adventure with action and peril, while never completely abandoning the humor. There are of course a fair amount of cheap shots and pratfalls,the movie does feature Jack Black after all. However there&#39;s a lot of smart jokes, and humor that doesn&#39;t rely on the lowest common denominator. It&#39;s exactly the kind of comedy that I love and it never lets up.<br/><br/>Throughout the film, there&#39;s a lot of heart, exploring interpersonal relationships against the backdrop of the adventure and ends with a genuine punch the air moment. The film is unfettered by politics and agendas and may actually be the most fun I&#39;ve had at the movies this year.

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