Kabir Singh


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Reviewed by guptayash-53105 1

I got super bored while watching this movie. This was just waste of time. I thought this would be quiet entertaining but really this was what we can expect from Sajid Nadiadwala

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Reviewed by yeshaj 1

Finally watched Kabir Singh yesterday to see what all the fuss was about! Believe me I have never watched this kind of disaster in my life! I have never slept in movie theatre but Kabir Singh successfully made me do it! One of the worst movie I have ever watched!I can't understand what people are really liking in this movie!!! Exactly which part of movie??? Shahid Kapoor's acting? No! that was overacting! Story of movie? There's nothing new in story! It's a common love story! Direction? Total disaster!Kabir Singh don't deserve the ratings it has got! I would give a half star for music out of whatever digit you want to put there!

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Reviewed by andeepacool 1

This movie is about a guy who has uncontrollable anger and nobody has been able to control his anger being a top medical student. He does things for a girl which is totally unrealistic and extremely open. The girl seems to be so dumb to accept anything and everything he says and he does.They seem to be madly in love that the scenes are mainly about being intimate without having any meaningful conversation.<br/><br/>The guy and the girl wants to get married but are not able to do so due to family pressure. Families seem little logical here. The guy&#39;s family has not been able to control him for any of his actions.<br/><br/>In latter part, psycho has gone crazy after girl has been forcefully married by her parents.He gets into more and more trouble. Family gets little bothered now.There is a happy ending for such a dark story which is unacceptable.<br/><br/>Sad part : the guy never got treated in rehab and was never declared psycho.<br/><br/>Good part : Hero &#39;s acting is awesome so one point for that.

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