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Reviewed by rameshkorikani 1

Very routine and boring story you will easily come to know what is going to be happen in the next scene don&#39;t waste your time.<br/><br/>except one or two 5 mins scenes complete movie is worst. Movies full of very silly logics.

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Reviewed by its-me6611 7

7/10<br/><br/>An honest cop meets a girl(Kajal Aggarwal) but she is to be married elsewhere and leaves the city but few days later he is accused of kidnapping the girl and is chased by police. Who framed him? why?<br/><br/>The best thing in the film is the twist that comes right around the intermission, I did not see that coming. The film starts well little comedy here and there, boy meet girl, some nice action scene. This is the second good point of the film, the action scenes were done well. Lots of glass breaking, man flying, slow motion punches.Both the actresses looked beautiful. The wardrobe department did an excellent job. Love what the actors wore. Kajal looked beautiful so did Mehreen Pirzada.<br/><br/>I am no expert but Bellamkonda Sai Sreenivas did not do justice to the role of an honest cop. We have seen amazing cop in films like Singam, Temper, Saamy etc. He does some parts well though.I loved the work of Mehreen Pirzada as Lavanya. She was one of the favorite parts of the film for me.<br/><br/>I like this type of films so I enjoyed it for what it has to offer. It is a routine masala film and there is nothing wrong with that. One just needs to know what to expect.

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Reviewed by rajendrapatilm 1

I think this fellow is very poor in selection of story. I thought some serious twists. But this story is routine. U can easily guess who is villan. Such a stupid story. 1 star.

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