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Reviewed by Protyasha-H-Afroz 9

One who said &quot;Old is gold&quot;, maybe said the best thing in the entire life. This is so true in terms of books and movies. I am a great fan of old school things. My friends sometimes called me dramatic for this, as these things are so uncool for 90&#39;s kids. But whatever for me, old movies are the best. Today&#39;s movies are good too, but old movies are really very special. They will give you the pure entertainment. They are so related too life, they are so real.<br/><br/>This movie is too sweet. You won&#39;t need to wear a fake smile while watching it. A smile will come on your face automatically. Each and every character was so beautiful. A cute family has been created so beautifully bu Hrishikesh Mukherjee that everyone desires but nobody tells. This movie is remade but that was so awful. I don&#39;t know why the new one is made? It was not at all necessary.<br/><br/>I loved this movie and I will explore lots of Hrishikesh Mukherjee&#39;s creations in the future hopefully.

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Reviewed by srirammeera 9

Rekha in her first breakout role that showed she could carry a full movie on her shoulders no hero required. In many ways can be looked upon as her first move getting out of Big B&#39;s shadow into the spotlight on her own. She never looked back after this.Best actress and best film award for that year from Filmfare.Hrishikesh Mukherjee directed, RD helming the music, Asha Bhonsle&#39;s hit songs (Piya Banwari), the evergreen Ashok Kumar, Rakesh Roshan fun as always, unforgettable Dina Pathak as the martinet matriarch, and the rest of the cast can you go wrong with this one?Must watch Hindi movie marking the end of the 70s, and the start of the 80s (last hurrah for Bell Bottoms!!).Also the movie marks a kind of high watershed for the sunny, wonderfully pleasant, breezy family friendly movies of Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterji etc and the music of RD throughout the 70s.In a couple of years or so Hindi movies would slide into a long dark period of misses and flops especially for Bachhan, and the tone of movies in general would remain dark moody &amp; violent for many years and Hindi film music would hit a low point, as RD faded. First rays of Sunshine would come after QSQT. (Of course Smita Patil was a high point for the 80s,who can forget Mirch Masala?)<br/><br/>Watch this gem keeping all of the above background in mind......

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Reviewed by Peter_Young 8

Hrishikesh Mukherjee&#39;s Khubsoorat is a fantastic and simple family entertainment. It is well written, well acted and directed, and is thoroughly funny and exciting. I enjoyed every moment of it, including the songs, the story, the characters, and everything else it dealt with. Khubsoorat presents the brighter side of Hindi cinema, which is not melodramatic, which is more restrained and easy-going. The charm of this little gem comes from its depiction of simple everyday issues, but it also manages to make a genuine impact on the viewer. It portrays upper-class urban families beautifully, it is realistic throughout, and the acting is natural. The ever-amazing Rekha presents a different side of her personality. She lets go of her enigmatic sex-appeal and switches her exotic beauty with a tomboyish, endearingly naive look of a smart and witty girl-next-door. The result is effective - her comic timing is brilliant, and the zest she adds into her character makes Manju Dayal very memorable. Ashok Kumar is as always wonderful, gracious and likable all through as the kindhearted father, Dina Pathak is impressive as the overly strict mother, and Rakesh Roshan and Shashikala support well. I must note my favourite sequences towards the climax when Ashok Kumar&#39;s character falls ill and Manju worryingly looks after him. The scene in which he wakes up and realises she was there taking care of him was very moving. All in all, whoever you are, do watch Khubsoorat, it will make you feel much better. A pleasurable watch indeed!

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