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Reviewed by silent warrior 5/10

Overall the movie gives two messages: 1) The Non-Muslims should leavethe Muslims alone. 2) 9/11 was carried by Muslims.<br><br>But the fact is the it was not. And the whole world knows about, but asubliminal message is given in the movie that Muslims were responsibleabout 9/11.<br><br>Yes both the good and bad side of a human society is shown in the moviei.e. the good Muslims and the Bad Muslims and i believe that it iscommon in every society irrespective of any religion.<br><br>Om Puri is a superb actor and i have always been a great fan of him.<br><br>One should watch this movie for the sake of entertainment, however thismovie might bring up some emotional anger factors at some points.

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Reviewed by Ibuk

Since the success of Aamir Khan&#x27;s Fanaa there has been a surge ofterrorist themed Bollywood movies, (A Wednesday, New York and nowKurbaan). I&#x27;ve deliberately left out My Name is Khan because it wasn&#x27;tabout the terrorist themselves but about how the common man is affectedby their actions. I remember Yash Raj&#x27;s New York came out now longbefore Kurbaan and was a pretty big hit. Maybe that&#x27;s the reason whyKurbaan went largely unnoticed. Another reason could be that it lacksthe hallmarks of a Karan Johar production. In a typical Karan Joharmovie there&#x27;s plenty of songs and dancing. and occasionally funny inplaces. It&#x27;s a shame really because it&#x27;s far better than I expected.<br><br>Where Kurbaan excels is that it is a far more brutal movie than any ofthe terrorist themed Bollywood movies I&#x27;ve mentioned. In a typicalterrorist themed Bollywood movie someone would come along and stop thebomb from exploding or the terrorist would have a sudden change ofheart. In Kurbaan the bombs do actually explode and many are injured orkilled. The highlight for was not any of the main leads(they were allgreat however) but it was Om Puri. I&#x27;ve never ever seen him act soserious in the movie but I suppose his role as the leader required himto do that. On a end note I would encourage fans of Bollywood to seethis movie, you won&#x27;t regret it.

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Reviewed by Roland E. Zwick ([email protected]) 6/10

Though a native of India, Avantika (Kareena Kapoor) is currently aprofessor at a college in New York. On a trip to visit her ailingfather in Delhi, Avantika meets and falls in love with anotherprofessor, the dapper and dashing Ehsaan (Saif Ali Khan). After awhirlwind courtship - which seems to take place in a slickly-producedshampoo commercial - the star-crossed lovers set up a new life forthemselves as a married couple in the States. But all is notunadulterated marital bliss for the newlyweds, as Avantika quicklydiscovers that Ehsaan is, in reality, a secret Islamic terrorist whomarried her strictly as a means of getting easy ingress into the UnitedStates. The other major character is Riyaz (Vivek Oberoi), a warcorrespondent for a local news station, who allows himself to berecruited into the sleeper cell of which Ehsaan is a member.<br><br>Though &#x22;Kurbaan&#x22; starts out as a fairly typical - i.e., overly cutesy -Bollywood romance, it quickly transitions into an admittedly bloatedbut moderately gripping action-movie thriller with serious socialovertones. Perhaps because this is an Indian film, the terrorists,though by no means the &#x22;heroes&#x22; of the story, do get to air theirgrievances in a somewhat more sympathetic and even-handed fashion thanthey would were it an American-made production. On the other hand, likemost Indian films, this one suffers from over-length and a tendencytowards hyperbole when understatement might have been the better courseto take. And while the Indian actors are all fine, the Americanperformers leave much to be desired (perhaps the result of an Indiandirector, Rensil D&#x27;Silva, not being able to identify poor line readingswhen delivered in another language). In addition, the action sequencesare often clunky and unconvincingly staged, especially when contrastedwith something like the expertly executed &#x22;24.&#x22;<br><br>Yet, despite its flaws, &#x22;Kurbaan&#x22; combines suspense, social commentary,romance and clue-gathering in generally appropriate proportions, whichmakes the two-hour-and-forty-minute running time pass reasonablyquickly.

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