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Reviewed by hxzr-18144 1

Die hard fan of Nawz, but this thing foiled my views.Hope he knows what he did..

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Reviewed by shanali718 1

This is not a movie for Nawazudin's die-hard fans. To me this movie was captured way back in early 2000s when he was a struggling to earn his name. This is released only to cash out the Nawaz's current reputation. In this film you can't the voice of Nawaz, I think anybody else has dubbed his voice. In this movie dialogues, cinematography, acting & Direction each a everything is awful so don't waste your time until or unless you want to see how much Nawaz has improved as an actor. Lateef can also be called as "Udta Mumbai" as it poorly captures the drug mafia and the huge number of drug addicted in the Mumbai. As shown in this film the whole youth of the city is addicted to drugs like Marijuana, chars, garda and heroine, also all of the addicts have left their homes and are living miserable in the slumps of the city.

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