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Reviewed by adamjohns-42575 4

Not a bad idea in its way, but a tad far fetched perhaps. Echoes of a Coen Brothers film, without all the unnecessary weirdness, although this was kind of kooky in places.I wasn&#39;t sure I wanted to watch it after the first 30 Minutes, but by the end of the first hour I was ready to see where it was going.<br/><br/>The cast were all good, It&#39;s nice to see that Adam Driver can act, maybe the directors should be blamed for his performance in Star Wars? Daniel Craig is superb, I love how he can slip in to different roles and Channing Tatum is my Spirit Animal so he can never do any wrong in my eyes.I do think that it went a bit fast in places leaving a few unanswered questions, but I actually quite liked it. Fairly easy to view and not offensive in any way that I can find.

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Reviewed by taylorjholsinger 10

Adam Driver and Channing Tatum like you&#39;ve never seen them before. Perfection

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Reviewed by cmoreland-50752 6

With a great cast and a fun redneck setting, this movie is clever and funny within the individual scenes. However, the way that all of the separate scenes are pieced together to form this heist is pretty sloppy. It doesn&#39;t give enough details about the heist to be convincing, and although some of schenanigans are, at times, ridiculous enough to be laughed off, it sometimes gets to the point where it just feels like lazy writing. Because of the poor editing the pulling off of the heist becomes confusing, and just when the movie feel like it should reach a &quot;climax,&quot; your left with missing information and then the film continues for another 30 minutes trying to...explain everything..? But really doesn&#39;t get that job done either. HOWEVER--that being said, the dialog was great and the cast just pulls these characters off so well that I would be totally willing to see this movie again.

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