Lost Girls


Drama / Mystery

IMDb Rating 6.1


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by philhemstock-11782 5

Yet another show based on a real event which highlights the ineptitude of law enforcement.<br/><br/>I feel for the real people this is based on. I just think they could have made the film adaption better

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Reviewed by torben-26328 5

This could have been a very good and moving film because of the plot itself. Unfortunately the story was translated very poor and boring into this film.

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Reviewed by tindalllisa 10

I can&#39;t speak to how &quot;true&quot; this based-on-true-events movie is, but I was profoundly moved by the events as depicted.The performances are quiet and powerful, and I found the women to be sympathetic. They aren&#39;t perfect people. But neither are the men and I don&#39;t read the same amount of judgement in these reviews regarding the men.I applaud the writing, directing, casting, and performances.My highest recommendation. Not because it&#39;s the greatest movie I&#39;ve seen, but because its a movie I want people to see for themselves.

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