Mafia Inc.


Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.4


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Reviewed by hansbuiskool 8

Canadian, not Brazilian trilingual, with a decently performing cast, and with a plausible storyline in which a family with ties to the old country attemps to invest in the building of a bridge between Calabria and Sicilia, that is expected to become enough of a goldmine to be able to go legit. And contrairy to the review as published on the mainpage, with no affliliations, or even an attempt to try to copy The Godfather, at all.

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Reviewed by daniel-rheaume 5

Yep, same and different version of the godfather. But just bad.

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Reviewed by a-laplante 3

Disappointment! I'm a French quebecor and quite ashamed! They tried to copy Dernier chapitre which was amazing! This is B rated.

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