Mile 22


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Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 6

Mile 22 has a simple goal in its script, maybe too simple, get this man from point A to point B. The script itself has a great twist at the end, but for the rest of the movie it's lazy. We get to know everything about Mark Wahlberg's characters through 2 minutes of exposition, which is Michael Bay-type lazy. And for the rest of the movie he doesn't really change, nor do any of the other characters. The action is entertaining, but it is shaky and quickly cut together, and not like Paul Greengrass, more like Columbiana. I thought Hollywood was done with this trope of cutting quickly to hide the action, John Wick and Atomic Blonde showed us that. But this movie does it again. Overall, the movie is just meh, not great, not the worst, just meh. And I expected better from Peter Berg.

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Reviewed by rpi_alum 1

If you get motion sickness, take some Dramamine before watching this horribly edited movie.... Rarely does a camera angle last more than half a second.<br/><br/>The dialog and delivery seems forced, sped up and overly full of fake emotion.... And still falls flat.<br/><br/>All of this distracts from what could have been an alright movie.

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Reviewed by cyer32 8

I&#39;ll keep this brief. I don&#39;t think people are getting this movie. I think Wahlberg played his part perfectly, when you consider who his character is. The whole cast delivered. Watching them in their moments was effective enough in developing the characters to drive the story. Excellent action sequences.The plot was somewhat predictable, but still satisfying to watch unfold.I&#39;d recommend It. I&#39;ve seen a lot of garbage lately, after which I felt like I&#39;d wasted my time. This was not one of those cases.Say hello to your mother for me. ;)

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