Mujhse Shaadi Karogi


Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.7


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jab396 8

This is only my second review. It is my first review of a Bollywood film. I had so much fun watching this movie. The dancing scenes make up for all the foolishness that abound in this movie. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi represents what I love so much about Bollywood films. Great dance numbers with beautiful singing. The love triangle is such a wonderful way to make this a great comedy film. I don't really watch these movies for the technical aspects but the scenery/setting is very delightful. I enjoy falling into the story line and having a fun time.I highly recommend it if you love musicals and comedies as I do.

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Reviewed by nitinsheenu 7

Same sequence repeating throughout the movie!! Couldn't believe that the director was one of my favourites!

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Reviewed by GypsiB 8

Sameer (Salman Khan) moves to Goa and falls in love with Rani (Priyanka Chopra). Unfortunately, he keeps unintentionally injuring her father (Amrish Puri), thus ruining his chances of a romance with her. Then, Sunny (Akshay Kumar) moves to the same house as Sameer, and also falls in love with Rani. Sunny finds way after way of discrediting Sameer with Rani, and seems to be succeeding in making her fall for him. <br/><br/>This is a cute romantic comedy, with such bright colors throughout the entire movie, in both costumes and setting. The music is okay, and some of the dance numbers are lovely. The plot seems predictable, but has a unexpected ending. Kumar plays his role so well that I genuinely disliked him. Khan is charming and innocent as Sameer, but Chopra&#39;s acting seems stilted. Overall, though, it&#39;s a fun movie to watch, just not exceptional.

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