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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sirhiss9 8/10

Taking old collection of stories poses a challenge for the productionteam, how can this classic character be brought up to date and make itinteresting enough to capture a new audience while stirring memoriesfrom her former audience. In my opinion, their mission wasaccomplished. A must see for young children, pre-teens, teens, andtheir parents. OK there are a couple scary moments that are resolved inshort order, but parents with young children should sit tight, themovie moves on to better things. I am going to go with those astuteuser reviewers who point out that Emma Roberts provides us with apositive role model for young women, not syrupy about it either. Nancybalances her femininity with career minded sleuthing skills. A lot tolike in here, laughs, doesn't take itself too seriously, a real mysteryto solve (one you can figure out yourself as an added bonus, andlikable characters. Nancy Drew even makes a good date movie in myopinion.

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Reviewed by Jay Raskin 10/10

I'm a 53 year-old college professor. I went with my wife and 12 yearold daughter. We all enjoyed the movie. The film is original, witty,fast-paced and totally charming. The plot was easy enough for a 10 yearold to follow, but twisty enough to keep an adult interested. I thoughtEmma Roberts did a superb job and the rest of the cast was just fine.My only criticism is that the Los Angeles sets were not as interestingas they should have been. They were functional, but nothing stood out.On the other hand, make-up, costume, lighting, cinematography, editingand directing were excellent. Altogether, I thought it was a totallyenjoyable experience. I am disappointed that the professional critics(almost all adult males) savagely attacked the film. Apparently, theyhave something against films that portray strong, intelligent andindependent young women. Their writings reveal more about their ownsexist natures than anything about this wonderful family film. Irecommend it strongly to every child and every parent.

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Reviewed by lauren_hofschneider 9/10

Usually I don't really like Emma Roberts so much, but after watchingNancy Drew it kind of changed my mind. The actors in the movies madethe whole thing exciting and funny. Most of the time when you watch amystery movie you can solve it before the middle of the show, but inthis movie it's like you are actually there. The clues have to all fittogether until you can finally understand the whole crime. I am stillamazed how she found it out. The whole movie was really clever and thepeople who watched it with me loved the movie too. The clothes were myfavorite part of the movie, it was so cute. I don't think there will beanother movie like this until the sequel comes out. I give it a ninebecause the popular girls didn't really seem to have the part justright, but they still make me laugh. It was a really great movie and agreat mystery. I definitely recommend watching it.

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