Nymphomaniac: Vol. I


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Reviewed by marco1985 1

Simply tedious, full of extraordinarily disgusting scenes.Such an ultra-long so-called movie about nonsense, without a particular target or message. Might be useful for perverts.Total waste of time; happy that I paid no money to watch it.

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Reviewed by BA_Harrison 1

A man, Seligman (Stellan Skarsg?rd), finds a woman, Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg), beaten and bruised in a snowy alleyway. He takes her to his grotty little apartment where she recounts her life story in which she cannot keep her knickers on for more than a few minutes.<br/><br/>&#39;Am I boring you?&#39; asks sex addict Joe in the middle of Lars Von Trier&#39;s Nymph()maniac: Vol. I.<br/><br/>Why yes? yes, you are, you tedious little bint, and so is everyone else in this pseudo-intellectual art-house porn flick aimed at chin-stroking perverts who want to be seen as cultured while getting their kicks.<br/><br/>As you might have guessed, I loathed every single frame of this incredibly boring piece of pretentious X-rated garbage, and all those that made it possible. I hope that none of you ever work again. It&#39;s not that I&#39;m averse to the odd spot of cinematic filth, only when it&#39;s as pompous and painfully prolonged as this film, which, together with Vol. 2, clocks in at well over four hours.<br/><br/>I wonder how many people who paid to see this first volume actually bothered to go and see the next instalment. I&#39;m guessing not many.

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Reviewed by strong-122-478885 1

Ho-hum!... Well - Here we go again!.... Nymphomaniac, like &quot;Shame&quot; and &quot;Looking For Mister Goodbar&quot;, is yet another sordid, unsavoury and sneering look at the consequences that are apparently supposed to result from excessive promiscuity.<br/><br/>When it comes to sheer heavy-handedness - This shamelessly preachy, little picture self-righteously tells the viewer that having lots of sex with many partners is a hateful thing (so don&#39;t you dare love it).<br/><br/>This is the sort of movie that neither stimulates the mind nor arouses the libido. Nope. It absolutely numbs both. If you are expecting Nymphomaniac to live up to its title as being an intensely pleasant and wildly erotic experience, you are definitely in for a major disappointment.<br/><br/>Incompetently directed by Lars Von Trier (who must be an utterly despicable prig) - Nymphomaniac amounted to being nothing but a dreary, little soap opera (with lots of graphic sex thrown in for good measure) that took 4 frickin&#39; hours to get its shallow, sex-hating point across..... Sheesh! Like - Hey! Give me a break, already!

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