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Reviewed by ametaphysicalshark

&quot;On Her Majesty&#39;s Secret Service&quot; is a sadly under-appreciated Bondfilm which is stylishly-directed and features an outstanding score,like most of these early Bond films. Other than a sillyself-referential line in the teaser and some sappy romantic montages,&quot;On Her Majesty&#39;s Secret Service&quot; is a thrilling adventure which seesBond traveling to the Swiss Alps to encounter villains and partake indangerous action sequences.<br><br>It sounds like a Bond film, alright, but this is actually quitedifferent from the formulaic films one would later expect from theseries, and the sort of film Bond was gravitating towards with&quot;Thunderball&quot; and &quot;You Only Live Twice&quot;. It certainly delivers on thepromise of sexual innuendo and lots of provocatively dressed women, butit&#39;s a different sort of Bond in that it seems to be morestraight-faced and harsh, culminating in what is probably the saddestBond ending. It&#39;s also probably the closest to Fleming&#39;s version ofBond outside of &quot;Casino Royale&quot;, although &quot;The Living Daylights&quot; wasalso somewhat similar to the literary Bond. As a Fleming fan it is niceto see the Bond series take after the books. <br><br>Lazenby, who has been frequently criticized and is many people&#39;s leastfavorite Bond, actually does a decent job of the role. He&#39;s nowherenear as good as Connery, of course, but I thought that other than thescenes where he tried to seriously emote, he carried the film with hischarisma and physical presence. I strongly believe he should havecontinued in the role. Lazenby fits the content of the film, which iscertainly far more down to Earth than many other Bond films, andfocuses heavily on hand-to-hand combat in the action scenes, which issomewhat refreshing after the overblown (entertaining, but seriouslyoutrageous) action scenes in &quot;You Only Live Twice&quot;. This is a genuinelygood script, with a solid plot, good dialogue, and goodcharacterization. <br><br>It&#39;s not just a throwaway action flick, it&#39;s an excellent espionagethriller with a strong dramatic core, and as fun as things like&quot;Goldfinger&quot; certainly are, it&#39;s nice to see one of these movies treatwomen as more than mere sex objects, and it&#39;s interesting to see a Bondgirl paired with a Bond who reacts as a human would and not a cartooncharacter. Diana Rigg is probably my favorite Bond girl. She gives astrong performance and is helped by an excellent script which gives hera fair amount to do. <br><br>By staying closer to the source material, &quot;On Her Majesty&#39;s SecretService&quot; dramatically improves on its two predecessors and featuressome of the best locations in the series, although I admit myfamiliarity with the majority of the Swiss shooting locations gives mea nostalgic view of things. &quot;On Her Majesty&#39;s Secret Service&quot; is astrong contender for the title of best Bond film. <br><br>9/10

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Reviewed by Miyagis_Sweaty_wifebeater ([email protected]) 9/10

On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) in my opinion was the best filmof the series. I felt that George Lazenby was unfairly slagged by thecritics for his performance. He did the best that he could. His actingfit very well for his character.<br><br>The direction moved the film at an even pace. The action set pieceswere impressive and Diana Rigg was hot. Telly Savalas was excellent asBlofield, he gave the character a suave touch. But you call tell thatunderneath his mack daddy act he was all business, and violent businessindeed.<br><br>Everything about this movie had a cool aura to it. The stunt sceneswere amazing (for it's era) and the cinematography was beautifullyshot. I had one bone to pick with the film. The in jokes got a bitheavy handed. Other than that it's a fun film. Too bad George Lazenbywas demoted to B-Movie hell after this flick (at least he got a threepicture deal with Golden Harvest where he made three classic actionfilms).<br><br>I have to give this movie a high recommendation. If you love the JamesBond series you'll enjoy this one.

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Reviewed by Orpington 7/10

On Her Majesty's Secret Service will probably always remain the mostcontroversial entry in the Bond series, thanks both to its unusuallyhuman and romantic story, and the notorious casting of novice actorGeorge Lazenby as OO7. Some think these elements ruin the film, whileothers hail OHMSS as the best Bond ever. I wouldn't go that far in mypraise, but for me this is still one of the classic Bond films, true toIan Fleming's original vision and arguably showing OO7 in a morerealistic light than any other film in the franchise.<br><br>To get the Lazenby issue out of the way first, it is certainly true tosay that he lacks the charisma of the man he (temporarily) replaced,Sean Connery, and his impossibly chiselled jaw is somewhat irritating.However, he does look the part, and for a first-time actor he turns ina remarkably assured performance, particularly in the fight scenes butalso in Bond's more tender moments, most notably in the highlyemotional finale. If Lazenby had gone on to make more Bond films (andit was his own decision not to do so) he could well have developed intoa very fine OO7, but as it is I still find his performance in OHMSSperfectly acceptable, and not damaging to the film in any way.<br><br>The film itself represented a conscious attempt to get back to Flemingafter the increasingly extravagant antics of Thunderball and You OnlyLive Twice. Director Peter Hunt, who had edited the classic earlyConnery films, was very keen to remain faithful to Fleming's originalstory, and as a result OHMSS has an unusually strong emphasis oncharacter and plot, with the gadgetry and humour found in most Bondfilms largely jettisoned. Rather like From Russia with Love, OHMSSfeels like a real spy adventure, as Bond tracks Blofeld down and evenadopts a disguise as he infiltrates his arch-enemy's Alpine hideaway,Piz Gloria. Where this film is unique, however, is in the level ofemotion it invests in OO7's relationships with others. We see thisearly in the film when Bond quarrels with M and submits hisresignation, a sequence which really brings out the affection whichboth M and Moneypenny have for him, but which M especially prefers tokeep concealed. This affection is brought out again near the end duringBond and Tracy's wedding, when Q sheds his normal exasperation andshows us his fondness and respect for OO7.<br><br>However, it is of course the relationship between Bond and Tracy whichgives the film its emotional heart. OHMSS sees Bond fall genuinely inlove for the first and only time, and personally I found the film'sromantic scenes both tender and touching, particularly for being sounexpected in a Bond film. The casting of Diana Rigg as Tracy helpsimmeasurably in making us believe in this romance, as she is a rareexample of a proper actress taking on the role of a Bond girl, and herdynamic, spirited performance makes it easy to see why Bond would fallfor her and marry her. It also helps the film's tragic conclusion,itself unique in the Bond franchise, pack far more of an emotionalpunch than might otherwise have been the case.<br><br>Of course, the film has more going for it than just an unusually humanBond.<br><br>Hunt directs with great skill, and the Alpine scenery that dominatesthe film looks absolutely stunning. There is no shortage of greataction either, the highlights being a tense and gripping ski chase andan equally thrilling bobsleigh pursuit. Telly Savalas makes for a veryeffective Blofeld, understated and sinister, and his Rosa Klebb-likehenchwoman Irma Bunt is played with relish by Ilse Steppat. There arealso echoes of FRWL in the character of Draco, Tracy's father, who is acharismatic Bond ally in the style of Kerim Bey. Special mention shouldbe given to John Barry, who produced his greatest Bond soundtrack forOHMSS. The opening instrumental theme, with its sombre and forebodingtone, sets the serious mood of the film, while the classic We Have Allthe Time in the World, sung by Louis Armstrong, is the perfectsoundtrack to Bond and Tracy's doomed love.<br><br>However, while OHMSS is undoubtedly a classic Bond film, it just fallsshort of my personal top five for two principal reasons. The first ofthese is that the film is too long, primarily because the centralsection, where Bond infiltrates Piz Gloria in disguise, is dragged outfor far longer than was necessary. Blofeld's plan to use beautifulwomen as carriers of a devastating eco-virus is the other mainweakness, because it is totally preposterous and does not fit into thefilm's serious nature. I must admit also that, good as Lazenby is, I dowish Connery had agreed to make this film, because with him on board,and a little more editing, I think it could have been the best Bondever, even beating FRWL. As it is, OHMSS is still a very strong film,its bold deviations from the Bond formula paying off handsomely. It isjust a crying shame that it did not perform better at the Box Office,because this would encourage the Bond producers to shift to thehigh-camp, comic style that would dominate the franchise during the1970s; sadly, it would be more than a decade before a serious,Flemingesque Bond would reappear on the big screen.

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