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Reviewed by manresa314 4

What a disappointment. By the appearance of the trailer and title I was reminded of hidden horror gems like Vacancy or The Stranger 2 to name a few. Nope. Two hours of nothing. Too many annoying flashbacks, the characters were not likable, there were several story lines were going and the worst one was picked for the predictable ending.

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Reviewed by Dirk-Janssens8 8

This one should get a higher score. It is a very good low budget horror movie. Good storyline and keeps you at the edge of your seat. Not many horror movies can do that the last decade. Not even big budget movies.

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Reviewed by ryan_sy 4

Nothing new to see here. Typical slasher movie with some eye-rolling scenarios, average acting, and weak plot.<br/><br/>However, if you like gore, then you will enjoy some of the grotesque violence scenes.<br/><br/>If you are in the mood for a less-than-average slasher flick, you could do worse.<br/><br/>[4/10]

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