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Reviewed by Athanatos173 4

The unfortunate truth of this sequel is that it has absolutely nothing of what the original movie had. There is no real emotional connection with the main characters.<br/><br/>They rely on horrible CGI way too much which really takes you out of the scenes when all the car scenes and most of the zombies just look so fake.<br/><br/>And as for the car scenes, for a moment I thought I was watching the wrong movie and was actually watching a Fast &amp; Furious zombie sequel.<br/><br/>To sum up, the plot is simplistic and ridiculous, the action scenes are for the most part lacklustre, there is no real connection from us the audience for the characters, though they heavy handedly try their best, unsuccessfully I may add, and the CGI is horrid.<br/><br/>Not Recommended.

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Reviewed by Fella_shibby 7

Did i say action n not zombies?So as a stand alone, it is a good action film but nowhere close to Train to Busan in terms of zombie stuff.The story takes place four years after the events of part one. A guilt ridden Korean soldier now living as a refugee in Hongkong is sent along with four fellas to retrieve a truck full of money from the quarantined Korea now inhabited by zombies.Comparison to Mad Max, Doomsday, Fast n Furious will crop up everywhere. But the point is, is it entertaining? O yeah! Tons of car chase n gun action sequences. Fans of Train to Busan like me will b disappointed.The social commentary, the emotions, the characters n most importantly the zombie stuff is missing here.The climax scene in slow mo with melodrama gets on ur nerves. Watch out for the UN&#39;s major Jane. Her dialogue delivery n the way she runs is hilarious.So far actor Geoffrey Giuliano was the top choice to play white actor&#39;s role in Thai films n finally he landed a role in this film too.

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Reviewed by rickmozessohn 1

I lowered my rating from a 3 down to a 1.<br/><br/>Worst movie of 2020 by a wide margin. Terrible acting, terrible story, terrible CGI (special mention, worst CGI I&#39;ve ever seen), terrible everything.<br/><br/>I loved the first film, I hated the second. The first film had a small budget &amp; a big heart, the second had a big budget and wastes 94 minutes of your life. I would have preferred to spend that time counting the leaves on my nectarine tree.<br/><br/>Gosh damnit.

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