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Reviewed by Troy_Campbell 4/10

A Gen Z update to Kathryn Bigelow's 1991 cult classic, this remake isessentially an episode of Fast and Furious in which the vehicularexploits have been replaced with an assortment of extreme sportssequences. Constructed with an alarming amount of real footage andphysical stunt work, the numerous action set pieces are ratherimpressive; a high octane wing-suit gliding scene and thetension-building rock climbing finale topping the list. Yet the impactof these daredevil stunts is wasted on a film that fails on almostevery other level. Stemming from Kurt Wimmer's truly awful screenplay,every second not spent traversing a mountainside, soaring through theair or surfing a mammoth wave is cringe worthy and/or yawn inducing.Wimmer's dialogue attempts to be philosophical and Zen-like, but withclichéd stinkers like "the only law is gravity" and "everyone dies,it's just a matter of how", it's nothing short of unintentionallyhilarious. Replacing the eternally cool Patrick Swayze was always goingto be tough, however Edgar Ramirez does a solid job as charismaticeco-warrior Bohdi. The same can't be said forlow-budget-Chris-Hemsworth hunk Luke Bracey though, who is so wooden asJohnny Utah he makes Keanu Reeves look like Daniel Day Lewis. Thismodern update boasts a handful of genuinely fantastic action sequences,yet they're not enough to warrant a recommendation in what is otherwisea limp and incoherent thriller.

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Reviewed by Mek Torres

The original Point Break was mostly known for its memorable bromancebetween Utah and Bodhi and some of its greatest action scenes ever putto film. Either way, this remake doesn&#x27;t bring enough justice to thecult classic. Its new approach, instead of a simple undercover copthriller, is now a globe-trotting adventure featuring daredevils whoare pulling off a grand stunt show. Though the stunts are impressive attimes, it still pales in comparison with the original. The charactersare bland, the plot makes no sense and every moment it tries toreplicate with the original is just painfully forced for the sake ofwhat they believe it&#x27;s called &#x22;fan service.&#x22; Therefore, there isn&#x27;tmuch reason for Point Break (2015) to exist.<br><br>So Point Break is now about the stunts, but just like most actionmovies today, it also had to strip away personality. So whenever we seethe cops, and even the daredevils, interact, it&#x27;s just not soentertaining. One of the charms of the original, while it had somegreat action sequences, even the characters are interesting to watch.Even if it&#x27;s trifle, it&#x27;s still worth spending your time. Now, itsomehow becomes uninteresting filler, especially the love interest.Remember when Utah had to lie about his backstory to earn her trust?Well, now they just easily hook up and nothing else, until some twisthappens or something like that. Utah and Bodhi aren&#x27;t as engaging,either. They&#x27;re mostly spewing exposition, while Bodhi is basicallyacting like a parody of someone from a New Age religion. Theirintention of becoming Robin Hoods is kind of vague as well, but I guessno one thinks it actually matters.<br><br>What&#x27;s really worth groaning is when it&#x27;s really trying to replicatethe original; not by heart or personality, but by scene. They did theEx- Presidents, even though one of them is wearing an Obama maskdespite of taking place in 2015, but they only did it once, probablybecause there isn&#x27;t much room for this fan service. Also the iconicscene involving Utah shooting up the air, which apparently Hot Fuzz didit better. And the epilogue is horrendously shoehorned, like it&#x27;snothing more than a tip off the hat, because... it&#x27;s not Point Breakwithout it, I guess?<br><br>However, there are some things to at least like in this film. Theaction is kind of stunning; the fact that they&#x27;re visually morerealistic to look at than most CG-fest that blockbusters tend to feedus (except for the epilogue which is too obvious.) Maybe the best amongthem is the rock climbing sequence where it goes from wide shots todirty hand shots of seeing how much they&#x27;d grip. Luke Bracey isn&#x27;tquite bad as an action hero, but he seriously needs a better materialthan this. Edgar Ramirez is probably just stuck with a blandly writtenBodhi and really stays stick-in-the-mud with whatever he says aboutnature. Ray Winstone, though a good actor, is just not the memorablydelightful Papas that Gary Busey established. And the movie wouldn&#x27;t beany different if Teresa Palmer&#x27;s role was written off.<br><br>And Point Break (2015) is just another needless remake. There are ideasthat could have been utilized more, but it&#x27;s too burdened by bothaction movie clich&#xE9;s and the fact that it is being Point Break. It&#x27;snot a good undercover cop thriller, nor a good bromantic film. And youbetter off watching an actual stunt show, which at least doesn&#x27;t makeyou get through to its drab expositions and the fact that it&#x27;s morereal and not embellished by any special effects. Then again, theeffects aren&#x27;t bad, but that&#x27;s not the point. You may give it creditfor heightening something from the original, but it doesn&#x27;t do thatwell either. The fact how unnatural the homages are made for thisremake makes it even more frustrating to watch.

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Reviewed by allstarrunner 6/10

If you like those 3 or 5 minute GoPro or Red Bull videos of peopledoing extreme sports then you will certainly like most of the movie asa lot of it is exactly that - and to be sure, those moments were prettycool to watch and very well done. <br><br>Unfortunately, in between all of those moments is a pretty boring plotline with characters that you never really care about.<br><br>If you like mindless action (nothing wrong with that) then you willprobably like this movie - although most of the &#x22;action&#x22; is extremesports, not really guns.<br><br>Apparently I have to write at least ten lines of text, but honestlythere isn&#x27;t much more to say about the movie!

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